Friday Night Revival at The Club

Where do Christians or ‘Church Folks’ go on Friday nights? Revival at the church, right?

If you have been a Christian for any length of time, you should know all about revivals. Even if you don’t or haven’t had the blessed opportunity to do so you will.

Revivals are an awakening to the soul. Now that is if you attend a good old fashion revival all week long at a Holy Ghost filled service. Or it could be a two to three-day revival. That seems to be the latest ‘spiritual trend’. I don’t think many churches are having consecutive five-day revivals any more.

But let me testify for a moment.

When you are down in your spirit to the point that you are barely hanging on to hope, a great revival can remind you of God’s promises for your life and build up your faith.

Sometimes our spiritual muscles need to be exercised and a good coach or minister can preach life, words of empowerment or a motivational message that can get us back on track.

You know what else is good for the mind, body and soul?

No, I’m not about to say a night club. At least not in the manner you are probably thinking.

“A cheerful heart is good medicine” (Proverbs 17:22a, NIV).

When is the last time that you intentionally went out to have a good time? You know to laugh, even dance and just enjoy fellowship with the Saints outside of church?

God planned for us to enjoy all aspects of life.

Yes, we are to be holy and please God. And no, we should not allow our good to be evil spoken of. But you know what? This balance can coexist with a boundary.

As Christians, if there is no balance with ‘churchgoing activities’ and enjoying good entertainment, we will be at risk for stress, burnout and content with just plain existing.

About last night….

Last night, I had an impromptu opportunity to visit what has been one of my favorite restaurants. It had been quite sometime since I had gone there and they have been on my places to go since their recent relocation.

During my outing, I noticed spiritual leaders there also enjoying an evening with friends. Momentarily I thought about how I use to feel guilty about going out any where at night other than the church to have ‘fun’. I also remembered Bible study discussions from various churches that would condemn such outings at such places.

But now that I’m a little seasoned and study to show myself approved by God, I know that He wants us, even Christians and leaders to have a good time. And it was great joy observing leaders being free to do so.

So whether or not you are a Christian or leader, I encourage you to make time to enjoy life. Your health will thank you for it. And you know what else? You might just discover that your mingling with a mixture of blends will not only help church folks, but possibly be a witness for the unbeliever.

After all, this is a part of the Great Commission.

By the way, shouts out to the Onix in Memphis on their new location. The food was scrumptious, the customer service was grand, and people were all there to have a good time. But y’all know what? The live band was off the chain! If anyone knows the name of that band, let me know!


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