When You Don’t Understand

It’s Monday. The day of the week when people usually have a lot to talk about.

So….let’s talk!

As expected in my locale of Memphis, there was a lot of local news to get everybody talking. And depending upon your location you probably had plenty of unpleasant news broadcasted as well.

Regardless of you current residential city, everyone has pretty much heard by now of the tragedy that recently occurred via a live social media outlet, Facebook.

Everybody’s talking about the evil act that a man committed during his live stream. It was so horrific that it has been removed from the Internet as it should. But in case you have been asleep or on vacation, the video displayed a man discussing his pain, sharing his intent to randomly kill others due to his pain and then acting on his intent by executing an innocent elderly man.

Needless to say, the random victim is now deceased.

Very tragic.

Could it have been avoided?

Could other senseless killings be avoided by this ill-minded assailant?

Yes, if he is apprehended. He admitted on the video that he has killed previously while on his vengeful hunt and that he plans to do so until caught.

There has been so much backlash and misguided conversations about this incident. But people tend to seek some type of rational about things they are fearful of or do not comprehend.

And this man certainly has everyone talking about something that they do not understand.

Now, I regret that this tragedy has occurred. But people definitely need to be talking. Unfortunately, as I allude to in book of memoirs people start talking during the aftermath.

Rarely are conversations held before such acts have been committed. And you could be thinking, How was I suppose to know he was going to do this? Well, as described in his video, he reached out for help. He voice the fact that he was struggling with the loss of a relationship that did not end well for him.

When the mind becomes ill, even temporary, problems can quickly escalate.  And some of you reading this, especially my wonderful church folks on the day after Resurrection Sunday, are probably being very critical right now. You are probably thinking and even having conversations criticizing how any one could ‘justify’ what this man has done.

But the truth is he needs help. He needs to be located so that he can stop hurting others in the way he believes he was hurt. He has spent time internalizing his pain that no one else understands, “But who pays attention to the warning signs of someone trapped inside a hopeless mind” (Hastings, 2017)?

As you continue to talk about this tragedy and any other news you do not understand….

Remember, “with all thy getting get understanding” (Proverbs 4:7)

Now, let us keep the family of the known deceased, any possible unknown deceased and the accuser in prayer!



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