There’s a Blessing in Your Darkest Hour

Have you ever felt like you were experiencing the eve of your breaking point? You know that moment in life when it seems that your day has reached midnight and it doesn’t feel as though you will ever see the light again.

In this moment, you could be experiencing one of the most difficult life crises that you have ever had to face.

Good Friday doesn’t feel so good right now.

Fear has taken over.

You feel as though you are out of options, full of disappointments, overwhelmed by regrets, seemingly hopeless, and frightened by the unknown.

There is an anxiety battle going on inside your mind.

But you know what?  You are at the point of breakthrough and not a breakdown!

There is a blessing with your name on it.

“Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later” (Romans 8:18, NLT).

This suffering might feel like one you have never felt before. But God is about to do something in your life that you have never experienced before. Your load seems too heavy because you are trying to carry what was not intended for you. It is not for you to try to figure everything out or to find a ‘ram behind a bush’. God has already made ready the things in store for you.

Every Good Friday I’m reminded of a short story I wrote a few years ago entitled, “A Mother’s Good Friday Blessing” that has now been published in the anthology Letters to America. But it describes how God produced a blessing out of my darkness.

You must remember today that all of the burdens you are trying to carry, JESUS already carried them on His CROSS. Unlike us, He knew what His cross was weighed down with and He knew what was in His future and He still stayed His course!

Whatever has you broken or disturbed in your spirit, this too shall pass. Jesus has already carried it and has a plan to use it for His glory. Now praise yourself out of your current atmosphere and restore your joy and peace. Decree that it is so and get ready for your midnight to turn to light again!

Want more encouragement? Download Keeping My Faith While Saving My Mind!

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