God’s Love is Strong Enough to Carry Your Burdens

Let’s be honest. Life can sometimes cause you to feel as though you are drowning or weighed down by disappointment and despair. Sometimes you can reach this low place and not even realize that you are there.

You might be fortunate enough to have loved ones around you who can recognize when you are in a danger zone.

But what if you have ‘successfully’ masked your emotions so well that no one realizes that you are in need of rescue? What if no one is aware that your spirit and emotions have reached rock bottom?

I describe this ‘what if’ crisis in my latest book the following way:

“Regardless if someone is in emotional, physical or mental pain they will not receive the help they need if no one is aware they are in need of assistance…who pays attention to the warning signs of someone trapped inside of a hopeless mind” (2017, p. 74).

When you feel as though you are heavily burdened by debt, depression or disappointment, having someone to come by and lift you out of your despair by encouraging words, prayer or even a financial blessing can be a miraculous work; especially, when you felt there was no breakthrough in your future.

Sometimes those that you depend on or expect to fill this role are going through their own darkness and are not strong enough to help you out of your pit.

But GOD….

GOD is not only strong enough to carry your burdens when you and others cannot, but He wants to. Isn’t that great news?

And you know what else?

You do not have to wait until you are so heavily loaded down with life’s problems to ask GOD for help. He wants to help you every day, every hour, and every moment that you are faced with possible or present challenges.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1).

Even if you have allowed yourself to get overwhelmed by life and have not sought GOD about your present state of affairs, you must remember that He is faithful and He is near you while you are going through.

GOD the Son, Jesus Christ has already carried the heaviest load for you that you could ever imagine carrying. After He carried your load, He allowed Himself to hang on it. Now that is strength!

You are not expected to be strong as Jesus, but He does strengthen you (ref. Philippians 4:13) during your weaker moments.

Read about how I allowed GOD to be my strength during the darkest periods of my life.

Allow GOD to be your strength right now!


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