Being Blessed Doesn’t Mean Great Health

When you cross paths with a faith believer and courteously ask them, “How are you doing?” you already know the traditional response:

“I’m blessed and highly favored!”

Although this is indeed a truthful declaration for the people of God, many of us are not walking in our full blessings. Yes, God wants us to reap the blessings of our labor, our family, our finances, and our career goals. But do you know another area that God wants us blessed in?

“For they (God’s Words) are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.” Proverbs 4:22, KJV

That’s right, God also wants us to reap the benefits of being healthy; in our bodies, minds and souls.

April is National Minority Health Awareness Month. Whether or not you consider yourself a minority, I challenge you as a faith believer to tune in more to your health. Your health care is vitally important. Even if you are experiencing blessings in other areas of your life, you can become too sick to enjoy them. Trust me, I know!

Here are a few questions for you to consider.

  1. Do you notice any breathing problems while doing everyday things such as walking up the stairs at work or around your home?
  1. Do you lack the energy to do simple or minor tasks?
  1. Do you have frequent headaches?
  1. Do you occasionally feel numbness in your arms or legs?
  1. Do you frequently lack the motivation to do the things you love?

These signals could be the setting off an alarm to physical and/or mental health problems. It is crucial that we listen to our bodies and emotions. Because God has created us to be “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14) He has designed us so that we know when there is a malfunction. God is the best architect and physician ever!

He has also yielded His wisdom and knowledge to humans. He has allowed doctors to be able to serve as His servants to help those that are ill.

Look at this way: Even though you believe that God has blessed your finances, that doesn’t keep you from checking the status of your bank account or consulting with a financial advisor. In the same manner, we blessed and highly favored Believers must also check out our well-being.

Now, great health is a benefit of being blessed but it is up to you to be blessed and in great health. What will choose today? What steps will you take today?

For more information about National Minority Health Month, click here.

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