Your Darkness Can Cause You to Shine

You have probably experienced disappointing or low points in life that has caused you to doubt yourself and your ability to excel in key areas. But have you ever experienced a dark place that caused you to feel trapped by fear and like you were suffocating in agony.

I describe and compare these feelings to that of Living Inside a Box.

“Only when it is dark enough can you see the stars” (MLK).

As many in the Memphis area and across the nation commemorate the life and legacy of the late pioneer, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I started pondering on my favorite quote by him and how he used it during his life. He indeed saw many dark days, yet, he allowed his dark times to push him forward.

And so, can you!

It is during low times in life that causes you to think and feel differently about life than you normally would. It is also during these times that makes you alert about inner strength that you weren’t aware you had.

When life pulls you down into a pit, you can be so filled with chaos that at first it clouds your vision. But pretty soon, your survival instinct kicks in. You have to make a decision if you are going to continue to exist in your abnormality or if you are going to live through the temporary inconvenience and choose to move forward to a place of light.

You have to see yourself better in the future.

This means that you have to have hope about your future.

Dr. King could not allow himself to be paralyzed by his dark moments in life. He had a vision of the future and this lifted him out of despair and pushed him towards progress. And today he continues to shine ever so brightly!

Today, you too are a part of his vision and his legacy. Today, you too have the ability to use your darkness to make you shine.

Choose to reach for what appears unreachable. You are a STAR!

Want to know more about King’s legacy? Check out Strength to Love.

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