Accessing Peace While Dealing with Anxiety

Let me guess, you woke up this morning eager and ready to get your day started, right?


Perhaps you dreaded getting up out of your bed after experiencing a restless night. Was it because of the long and exhausting day you had or because of the day that you are anticipating?

What has you so overwhelmed that it is paralyzing your mind?

Is it making an important decision that could alter your life?

Is it an event that is about to occur today or this week?

What has you fearful about taking the step to starting your new day and your new season?

Anxiety is a barrier that tries its best to interfere with our lives and hinder us from achieving goals. Although it deals with the fear of the unknown, but it also stampedes upon those happenings that we are very excited about occurring in our lives.

Anxiety thrives off fear.

It is kind of like the old example of falling off a horse for the first time and the importance of deciding to right back on it. If the action step of deciding to ride the horse again is delayed, you will always be petrified of horses and the very thought of what might happen once make such a brave and exciting move again.

Anxiety is a learned behavior.  Therefore, it can become unlearned or altered by the change of thoughts and actions.

Anxiety works against peace.

Think about what has you filled with anxiety right now or the times that you felt fearful. What were your reactions? Did your heart start racing? Did you feel as though you were nauseous? Were your hands shaking? Were your thoughts all over the place? Did you have problems speaking or enunciating your words?

Panic attacks are common when one is overwhelmed with anxiety causing one to be affected mentally and physically. It results in peace being absent. One major goal to override anxiety is to be at peace.

Ways to Access Peace While Dealing with Anxiety

  1. Relax. Easier said right? In the moment, especially if you are having a panic attack, you need to calm your body and mind down. Do breathing exercises while you think about positive things and outcomes.
  1. Eradicate Faulty Thinking. You have to dispute the negative thoughts; the what ifs and the maybes that could occur and think about what is truth. The enemy wants you to focus only on lies. But in Philippians 4:8, the Word says “whatever is true….think about such things”.  Anxiety causes you to focus on things that have not even happened. Change this negative pattern to a positive one.
  1. Focus. Working on eradicating faulty thinking involves intentionally focusing on positives. Not only do have to focus on positives, but you have to focus on God and not your circumstances. God has not given you a spirit of fear (ref. 2 Tim. 1:7), but one of peace. When you feel anxiety taking control, allow God’s Spirit to regain the control. Praise God. Appreciate God. Declare the works of God. Declare the Word of God.


“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:7).

Be excited about the new opportunity. Embrace the life changing event. God has prepared you for this. Your past has pushed you to this present moment, but know that you have been positioned for your God-ordained future. Boldly walk into this new thing, this new season with the peace of God. God will handle any disappointments, mistakes or setbacks. Trust HIM!


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