Have You Ever Lost It?

Keys,  cell phone, wallet…

At some point or another, we have all either lost these items or miss placed them. And other than the temporary inconvenience we got over it and pretty soon it was categorized as another “don’t cry over spilled milk” accident.

But what happens when you temporarily lose control of things like anger, disappointment or stress?

You have heard someone say, “She just lost it!”

Now, were they talking about you or someone else?

If we are honest enough with ourselves, we can admit that there have been times in life when we allowed our emotions to cascade out of control; therefore, resulting in an emotional explosion!

It can happen to the best of us. Just the other day I was listening to one of my favorite televangelist testify to how this recently happened to him. And you know what else? It happened to me just yesterday!

Yes, I allowed my emotions to get out of control on the first day of Spring. I had declared how my day, week and new season was going to be oh so great. I had encouraged others on my social media and even those close to me how not to allow things to get the best of them.

So after a productive meeting that included enjoying a nice Spring day out on the patio of a local Starbucks, my friend girl and I decided to go to a nearby market to complete our individual to-do lists. Everything was just smooth sailing until…

Well, until check out time. Now, I realize that the major supermarkets and grocery store chains’ goal for installing self-check out lanes were to enhance their customer service. But, I absolutely despise them!

I try to avoid them at all cost. But what did my friend girl suggest doing as a quick and easy route to land us out of the store faster? You guessed it!

Reluctantly, I smiled and gave in. Of course, it was a complete disaster as I anticipated. (And make sure you listen to my upcoming podcast to find out exactly how I lost it in the store)

With all that being said, do you recall a time that you really allowed your emotions to gain control, causing you to do something that even shocked you and left you dazed and confused and even disappointed and guilty about your actions? Did you pause to think about what was actually the root cause of your out of character responses?

It is important and necessary for us to learn from moments such as these despite how shameful or embarrassing they are for us. Because if we do not, others might just be on to something when they declare, “__ just lost it!”

Insanity as defined by the Urban Dictionary:  “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”



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