Wounds That Only God Can Heal

Think back to the first accident that you can recall having as a child. Was it falling off your bike after you were so eager to learn how to ride? Perhaps it was a near-drowning experience after you boldly decided to learn how to swim.

Who was with you during those experiences?

Who took care of your injuries and comforted you?

More than likely, it was a parent or sibling.  They helped you to get beyond typical scary moments in your life at an early age.

But what about the not so typical incidents during your childhood? You know those that are supposed to be deemed abnormal for a child. Those incidents that you may or may not have told your parents about or anyone at all. Physical wounds will heal over time. But what about emotional wounds? Those that are the result of experiencing a traumatizing event.

“And when we’ve experienced neglect or abuse in childhood, we usually struggle as adults with a sense that there is something terribly, even uniquely wrong with us” (Wilson, 2003, p.48).

In my latest book of memoirs, one of the traumas that I share deals with my sexual abuse as a child.  After sensitively telling the story, I reflect on the barriers that hindered me from receiving help as a child and the delayed healing that occurred during my adulthood. If you find yourself drifting to that wounded area that you thought was healed due to your method of suppression, be encouraged. It is never too late for healing to take place.

“For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal, declares the LORD.” – Jeremiah 30:17, ESV

Before healing and restoration can occur, barriers must be removed.

What are your barriers?

They could be the same barriers that were in place when your traumatic childhood incident occurred. They could be new stumbling blocks that will not allow your mind to stop tripping over anxiety, doubt, and fear.

How to Start the Process of Healing

  1. Break the Silence. Silence is a barrier to receiving help. Perpetrators use it as an enabling tool to keep abusing children. Hurting children become hurting adults until the silence is broken. You have been keeping silent about something very shameful and painful that occurred in your past. It is okay to give it a voice. This is a major hurdle over your step to healing.
  1. Get Help. Once others know that you are hurting they will be able to assist you with getting help. This trusted confidant might be within your family, your church or your circle of friends. You do not have to journey this process by yourself.
  1. Stop the Violation. You might be thinking, I’m no longer being abused by my childhood culprit. And physically, I sure hope that is the case. But if you have emotional wounds that have not been addressed, then the violation is hunting your mind. And you might not feel like it right now, but you have the power and strength to renew your mind. You do not have to be tormented by the abuse. Give your mind permission to be healed.

I understand it is a process. I definitely had to go through the process. And it was God who gave me what I needed in order to do so. If you would like to know more about my journey for encouragement, read about it in my book, Keeping My Faith While Saving My Mind.  Your journey awaits!

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