Chastity Defiled

Do you remember when your world, your life seemed so carefree?

Yeah, if you are thinking the same as me, your mind just took you all the way back to childhood. Children should not have any worries. Now, of course, they are going to have their child size problems, but no child should have adult problems.

In my latest book, I talk about children who unfortunately are forced to be robbed of their innocence. It is the first chapter in my book entitled, “Chastity Defiled”.  I just created an audio version of it. I encourage you to listen to it (if you promise not to criticize me for it not being a professional creation). But if you can relate to any part of the story, I would love for you to share your thoughts. I definitely understand that it might not be easy to do so. Therefore, if you can silently relate to the excerpt, know that I am praying for you!

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