Remember God in Tragedy

Happy Friday!

If you are among the many Americans whose children start Spring break this weekend then not only are you thinking of things to do this weekend, but for an entire week!

You might already have the kids’ schedules planned, but have you penciled in “me time”?

I know…you are probably thinking that you don’t have time for that. Your plate is too full and so many crises have been going on for you to even consider doing something for you.

I encourage you to take a break away from your normal routine and either do something by yourself or with friends.  When I allowed my schedule to be interrupted this week, it was so breath taking and refreshing!

I love to read and write books, but I also enjoy a great movie. It is my custom to read the book that is available for any movie before I watch the film. Well, my rule was broken when I started seeing people talk about this new movie entitled “The Shack” on my social media pages. Every one kept agreeing how good the book was and those that had seen the movie agreed the movie was just as great if not better.

So while celebrating a friend’s birthday, I decided to catch a matinee and see what the hoopla was all about.


If you are like me and the other billions of people in the world, you have had to deal with forgiving someone or a tragedy that has left you scarred. As believers, when we experience these events it will cause us to question our  faith and our God.

This movie really challenges us to remember God in our tragedies and to do it in an authentic way. So if you are dealing with these emotions or know of someone that is I encourage you to watch the movie, The Shack or place it on your reading list like I have. You will not be disappointed. I just wished I had discovered before my family reunion this past weekend!

Be sure to check out my latest book of memoirs about overcoming traumas!


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