Wonderfully Fearless!

“No person has the right to rain on your dreams.” Marian Wright Edelman

Do you recall the moment in your childhood when you felt you could accomplish anything? You were so empowered by the feeling to believe that you were an important and incredible piece to the future.

You realized that your voice matters.

This caused you to be clothed in confidence.

This gave you the boldness to make powerful declarations.

You were surrounded by encouraging mentors that cheered you on every opportunity that they crossed your path. And you gradually learned that you are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).

So now, what happened?

When did you stop believing in your dreams?  A more relevant question, when did you cease to dream?

As the month designated for Black History month comes to an end, it is imperative that you know you are what makes the history continue.  Although I intentionally strive to learn more about my culture’s wealth of significant history, there is an empowerment that takes place during February that causes me to inhale the greatness of all the trailblazers before me and the remarkable trendsetters of today. I am encouraged and inspired to never allow the dreamer in me to fade away.

As I was blessed to have the opportunity to watch my daughter experience the same moments of epiphany that I did as a child, it was beyond awesome to watch her face light up when she wore high self-esteem, wonderfully strutted her beauty and fearlessly declared that she could be anything and all that she wanted to be!

Of course, I was her biggest cheerleader. But it was also wonderful to hear those that know her encourage her, as well as, strangers in passing declare the same manifestations in her life. Remember to encourage your children every day that they can do the same thing.

Today, I remind you that you are wonderfully fearless. Therefore, you must rekindle the dreams. Your voice, your presence in this world still matters. You are necessary. Do not walk in timidity or be held captive by past failures. There is no room or time for that.

Reach back and find the child who believed and dreamed and choose to become a knower. Live out loud and join the masses of greatness by being a part of history!


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