All I Have is Oil

“Your servant has nothing there at all,” she said, “except a little oil.” -2 Kings 4:2b

If you have ever heard the passage of the widow woman preached, then you probably instantly recognized the quoted text. Often when we hear it or read it we may not relate to it if we are not widows ourselves. Perhaps life has positioned you to relate to the biblical story even if you are a single, divorced, engaged and yes, widow woman.

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by a surmountable size of bills with only a small portion of funds to cover them? Who hasn’t? Even the rich and famous must deal with creditors and collectors.

In this particular passage, a woman whose husband was from the lineage of the prophets had passed away and she was left with her two sons. Unfortunately, she was left in debt and her husband’s creditors wanted to enslave their children in order to repay the debt. The widow reached out to the Elisha, the man of God for whom her husband worked. Elisha asked her what did she have in her house? Her response was the oil. The story unfolds when the widow woman uses the oil in her house and sells it as instructed by Elisha. She was able to pay off her husband’s debt, keep her sons and have enough left to live off of.

She appeared to be empty, drowning, but she used what she had to replenish her.

You might be in a financial bind right now and are seeking avenues to restore your bank account from red to black. What do you have in your house that you can sell? What resources; books, literature from conferences or seminars do you have in your house that you need to utilize?  What talent do you possess that you can produce a service for income?

More importantly, do you feel like you are drowning spiritually? Are you finding it difficult to pray to God on a daily and regular basis? Can you recall the last time you opened your Bible and read it other than on Sunday? Do you notice it taking an extra effort to praise and worship God?

You have oil inside of you that can restore your broken spirit. Even if you think you are running low inside, guess what? You are a vessel. You are like the jars that the widow woman kept filling with oil. When she ran out of jars is when the oil stopped flowing.

The Holy Spirit is the oil that will always flow as long as he has a jar to pour into.

Oil is all you need!

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