Sharing Love

Happy Saturday!

So what are your plans on this weekend before Valentine’s Day?

Yes, it is that time of the year again.  Perhaps you are a part of the many who are greatly anticipating the “BIG” day. New romances have that effect. Happy and Healthy relationships do too.

It is a wonderful feeling having someone to share love with.

In case you are a part of the other half that is feeling some type of way about Valentine’s Day, be encouraged.  Broken and unhealthy relationships will stir up these emotions. Whether you are married and feeling stuck in a hopeless marriage like the character Sherri in my novel Marriage thorn or just recently broke up from a relationship you were certain would result in marriage, you can be happy about the arrival of this national Love holiday.

Sharing is Caring

This is one of the themes that my daughter’s school promotes.  These toddlers may not have the full understanding about Cupid and all the hoopla associated with Valentine’s Day, but they have the best concept down pack. They share their love by showing how they care for their friends. This is expressed through little tokens of handmade cards, pictures, scrumptious cupcakes and candy delights!

Significant others are not the only ones who can be a recipient of our affection. Let your BFFs know they are appreciated too. You can be single and have a great time!

Caring is Loving

It is nice to have special people to shower you with flowers and gifts; especially, if they genuinely care about you. Just remember that love is not expressed in gifts, but, rather it is rooted from the heart. Anyone who gives you wonderful things and treat you like stale candy, rotten fruit or dead flowers does not truly care about you or love you.

As you ponder over the upcoming holiday this weekend, remember that your happiness matters and it is not found in artificial things. Real love will be displayed privately and publicly, through the tangibles and non-tangibles and in actions and words.

Love yourself first!


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