Choose How You Move Forward

Once again, the historic day that occurs every four to eight years has arrived. Most thought it would never happen. Many couldn’t believe the results that confirmed it would happen. Some are still in a state of shock that it is happening.

Regardless which category currently sums up your thoughts, today you have a choice how you will move forward after today’s presidential inauguration.

You have a choice to not allow all of the negative hoopla to take root in your mind or spirit. If you allow negative connotations to fester within your soul, it will definitely affect how you maneuver through life over the next four years.  It will affect how your children, your friends and coworkers will handle the transition of power.

Be mindful that HOPE is still present.

As we were inspired by the words and book authored by our 44th President, there is still the “Audacity of Hope”.

We must have the audacity to have hope and the audacity to live it out. How can this be done?

Choose the attitude you will have each day.

Choose what and who you will entertain.

Choose happiness. Choose love.

Life is short and every day is not promised. This is why it is import to choose YOU.

Four years from today, you should have to ponder about the things you could have done simply because you decided to put them on hold out of fear for the future. Choose to live your life to the fullest. Do not fear what mistakes you will make or disappointments you will receive.  Have the courage to live your life.

It’s up to you. What will you choose to do?

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