Happy New YOU!

Happy New Year!

Are you excited on this first Monday of a new year? Great! You have every right to be.

It is always exciting to start something new. It gives you a fresh start, an opportunity to make new goals and embrace the challenge of accomplishing them. You have every reason to be looking forward to 2017.

So, what is hindering you?

Are you still thinking about the not so good things that happened in 2016? If so, this will not allow you to move forward this year. It only takes a flip of a calendar’s page or number to move up one second in order for a new year to manifest. But this doesn’t cause all your disappointments and regrets to magically disappear.

The change starts with you. Your mindset. Your positive thinking.

If you have made a New Year’s Resolution, wonderful. But if you have not, do not feel the pressure to do so. Breakdown your expectation of a better and greater year one week, one day at a time. Here are a few quick tips to help you get started.

Tips for Having a Better Year

  1. Evaluate Your Life. We don’t live in the past, but we do learn from it and gain insight about the direction of our lives. What do you consider good and positive things in your life right now? What do you desire to see present in your life?
  2. Develop a Tangible Action Plan. Goal setting is important. Too often major goals are set in the beginning of the year with out a step by step action plan. Each month you should have a goal that you create a weekly action plan for. Then each day of the week, you know exactly what you need to be working on or towards. Remember to allow room for adjustments.
  3. Have Realistic Expectations. One of the greatest disappointments is not successfully reaching a goal. It is not because we were incapable of accomplishing it, rather, we fail to adequately plan. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Every one is different. Do not measure your success by others. Also, don’t have an expectation of failure, but be realistic that setbacks or hurdles might occur along the way. This doesn’t mean that your goal was not meant to be.
  4. Accountability Partners. This is also known as a great support system. Who is in your circle of friends or connections? Evaluate who encourages you, who motivates you and enhances your knowledge. This doesn’t mean you need to end relationships, but you might need to connect with new people this year or spend more time with those who support your goals.
  5. Embrace Yourself. Allow yourself to be authentically you. As you set goals and work towards them, be true to yourself. This doesn’t mean you don’t try to better yourself. But you don’t have to please others or work to be something for someone else. Set goals based upon your desires for your life and no one else’s.

Now, as you enjoy the last day of your vacation or if you have returned back to work today, have great expectations. It starts with your mindset. Think positive.  Speak positive. Act positive. This year will be better if you allow it to be!

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