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The Cry of Loved Ones

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Shulanda J. Hastings

Ambassador Shulanda

Ambassador Shulanda

Shulanda J. Hastings is an inspirational writer, Christian counselor and an ambassador to the faith-based community; helping them break mental health barriers. She is the author of the Beauty of My Thorns novel series and of the memoirs, Keeping My Faith While Saving My Mind.

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What do you do when there is no time to cry?

What do you do when there is no time to mourn?

What do you do when you find yourself reaching for reserved energy and a point where you are fighting to breathe?

Do you allow yourself to collapse and embrace rock bottom?


Do you force yourself to discover strength you thought was depleted?

These are not the challenges of people who have labeled themselves as normal, every day people with out a care in the world.

These are the frequent, often daily thoughts and emotions of those struggling with the dark side of life called depression.

It is the experience of the white collar worker struggling to maintain his economic status and social reputation while privately feeling like a low-class citizen.

It is the experience of the atheist who is a successful entrepreneur, yet feeling a deep void in life.

It is the experience of the Christian believer who is a hard working middle-class worker with a family and nice house who struggles everyday to keep his faith while saving his mind from the pressing obligations.

You see, if you are reading this and can not relate to the above scenarios or emotions, then you are not in a position to judge or criticize. However, you are in a position to offer support and encouragement.

Because regardless of the mask that society forces those suffering from depression to wear, everyday there are millions silently suffering from depression and feel as though they can not tell anyone.

Especially, those close to them…those they call and consider loved ones.

It’s time to break the silence.

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