Moving Forward Monday

Right now, you might be still struggling to accept the reality that it is another Monday.

You are either trying to push your way out of bed to get your day started OR you have already begun your work day routine, sipping on your coffee for energy and looking around your office for motivation.

You are at Work.

You need to be at Work.

You don’t want to be at Work.

Do these thoughts sound familiar?   Maybe you are just having the typical Monday Blues or perhaps it is something else.

When was the last time you felt excited about starting your day?  When was the last time you felt that you were working towards something meaningful and purposeful? When was the last time you were enthusiastic about going to your job?

Now, this isn’t a motivational post to get you to stop working. But this is to prompt you to really analyze where you are in life right now.

Are you full of disappointments or regrets?   Do you feel as though there is much more to life, your life?  Do you feel as though you are stuck in time and people are moving on in life without you?

“The only thing that quells the voice of the doubter is action”.  Marcia Wieder

A few years ago, and actually during many interval seasons, I recall feeling the exact same way. There were times when I had many people’s dream job or even life. BUT I felt so empty inside. There was always this inner voice that constantly reminded me that I couldn’t become content in my current place.

That place is not necessarily tied to a job or person.  But it’s tied to our purpose.  Every day we should wake up excited about the opportunities that lies ahead. This doesn’t mean that we are not going to experience difficult times or setbacks. But we should be staring at a target, a goal every day that makes us want to jump start every week.

You see, if you can relate to the emotions and thoughts I described, then your issue is not just the Monday Blues or a mere transition from the weekend to another work week.

You are stagnate in life.  But you don’t have to be.

You can choose to move forward starting today.  But how do I do that?  I knew you were asking yourself this question.

Ways to Move Forward

  1. Honestly evaluate your life.   If you don’t acknowledge your feelings, you are      suppressing the real you.
  1. Make a Decision to Change. The thought of transition or change can be overwhelming. But you must decide to want to do something about your life. You have to make up your mind.
  1. Develop a Plan. You don’t have to create a manual for change today. Start jotting down your strengths, your passion, and gifts on a pad or notebook.  What is your heart’s desire?  If money, obligations or time wasn’t an issue, what do you see yourself doing right now?     You have to start seeing your vision clearly so you will be able to define your action steps.

You can take baby steps or start running. But make sure you start moving forward in your life everyday, reaching your destiny and living on purpose.  You only get one life. Why not do the things that make you happy and give you fulfillment?  Choose this Monday to move forward!




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