Fight for HIS Praise

If you have ever been knocked down, you know how empowering it is to stand up from a position of secure strength.

You know that feeling after you have experienced a season of seemingly lost battles; a place where it appeared as though defeat was your gloomy destiny.

Then one day, there was a turn around.

You found yourself victorious in one thing.  And before you knew it, you felt that you could conquer the next thing.

And then…

When you realized how good it felt to fight for you, you thought, “Why did it take me so long?”

You started thanking God until it hits you that you are being freed. Not just freed from your state of stagnation, but in your mind, body and spirit. You feel so free that you are now able to praise God in a refreshing way.

Sometimes we are so consumed with our issues that we don’t realize that the enemy has been working day and night to just sap the energy out of us for one purpose:  To hinder our praises.

“I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of the LORD.” Psalm 116:17, KJV

I have often heard many people say and I have released these words myself, “I have got to get my praise back!”   Whereas, that declaration might work to stir up our psyche, it is not an end goal or spiritual commandment.

The praises do not belong to us.

The battles are not ours unless we choose to own them.

It can be such a struggle to sustain our own praises until we can be fighting 10 rounds to release it only to discover that we are too worn out to even lift our hands and surrender.

No fighter who expects to win enters a ring without knowing who his opponent is and a strategy to overtake him. When we are in a continuous position and attitude that understands warfare, we will always release a winning response.

We should not be fighting to command ourselves to praise God. We should be willingly releasing praises to God all the time because it not only glorifies Him, it strengthens us.

The enemy is aware of the source of our strength.

This is why he fights so hard to stifle our praises to God.

But I decree and declare right now, that your season of suppressed praise is about to be released like never before!

Regardless of how many times you have been pushed down, banged up and almost knocked out, God is the referee of your fight. He doesn’t want you to keep wearing yourself out to fight a battle that He has already won.

Sacrifice your praises to God continuously and call on the name of the LORD and He will reign His victory in your life!




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