I Prayed…Now What?

It’s the day after Sunday.  

Are you still feeling empowered from yesterday’s service?  After six long days of dealing with work stress, family problems and unbalanced emotions, you found strength to mobilize yourself to get to a place of empowerment and rejuvenation.

You were in desperate need of an environmental change. You craved to be around loving and caring people who make you feel closer than your own family. You needed to hear a Word from the minister that would lift you out of your dark place.

You were so inspired by the message that it prompted you to respond to the altar call.

You took the bold walk down the aisle and carried all of your issues, everything that weighed you down during the long week, and as the minister prayed you gave your burdens to God.

Drying tears as you walked back to your seat, you felt better. You believed and expected a change to occur in your life immediately.

Today is Monday.

The residue from yesterday’s ‘spiritual encounter’ is starting to wear off.  After you arrived home you realized that your family problems are still in existence. Your workplace seems to be full of the same chaos that you left it on Friday. Again, you are starting to feel discouraged and depressed about your entire situation.

What happened?  Or What didn’t happened?

Did God not hear your complaints yesterday?  Did you just imagine that your prayers were answered?

First, take a deep breathe.

You are not alone in your current inquiries. Do you recall being the only person at the altar yesterday or even at church?  No you were not solo. This means that you are not the only person trying to figure out how to apply prayer in your life today.

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” (James 5:16b, KJV).


Prayer Works.

It doesn’t work like a magic wand. As a matter of fact, there is nothing magical about it. Prayer is real just like your issues are real.  However, there are laws of prayer that we must be aware of and operate in.

Don’t worry, it’s not rocket scientist. As you are dealing with your current circumstances you might be seeking a quick fix to everything. You are wanting immediate results in every problematic area of your life. Your marriage needs help. Your child needs help. Your finances needs help.

You need help.

And God is helping you.  God has not rejected you. He has not left you to fight alone. He does have the answers to your problems, but it is not your problems that are priority on His list.

You are God’s priority, not your issues. 

Instead of focusing on God solving your problems, focus on God helping you. Continue to be fervent, consistent in your prayers and they will grow to become more powerful and effective. Praying, communicating with God, will draw you closer to Him. It will give you a permanent solution to your problems, rather than a temporary quick fix.

Problems will continue to arise in every day life.  You have to learn how to focus on the God who can and not the issue that can’t.

You prayed…now what?  You keep on praying. Prayer allows you to get to a peaceful state where you can remove the chaos that is covering your solutions. In prayer, you seek solutions to your current problems and work on them one at a time.  You accept what you can not change.  You trust God to make a way and you work the path. The path that has God’s plan.

Now Declare your Day in Prayer!  Get started with the Prayer10 Challenge!

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