Preparing for Change

When we are in transition between the four seasons, we are queued to prepare for the change by nature’s signals:  The scenery of the trees and tune of the birds change, days are altered by the sun and the moon, and the weather and temperatures cause us to change our wardrobes.

Have you noticed something about yourself changing?

No, I’m not referring to your age or even your weight. Although every day we tend to notice that we aren’t getting any younger; therefore, causing our bodies to change.

BUT, even if we are consciously aware of these facts, we can do things to better our bodies and beautify ourselves. Then we can avoid the reality of waking up and seeing a totally different person in the mirror one day.

Have you started to notice anything else about yourself lately?

Think back to the summer months.  What was your energy level like?  What was your mood like? How were you enjoying every day?

Now that we are entering into the second week of Fall have you noticed any particular changes since the sunny and hot days?

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a mood disorder associated with depression and related to seasonal variations of light (Mental Health America).

May I share something with you?  September was a very challenging month for me. Despite the fact that I was really anticipating all the positive things that were going to happen or that I had expected to occur, there were many things that did manifest for which I was not prepared for.

You might be thinking, life happens everyday and we are not really prepared for it.

This is true. Our finite minds are incapable of knowing every detail of our lives. Therefore, when that unexpected life event occurs it can leave us a bit confused about the direction of our lives.  Then there are times when minor expected things occur that causes us not to be able to handle or manage them like we normally would.

“See, I am doing a new thing!” Isaiah 43:19, NIV

“I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.” 43:19b, KJV

When seasons change, we have to be prepared in the natural and the spiritual.  There are some promises that God has made specifically for you in this season, but if you are not alert about possible natural and mental setbacks, you will think that those promises are not meant to be.

Do not be deceived!

  1. Be aware of your mood changes that are triggered by the change in seasons. Confusion is a tactic the enemy uses. Know what is happening so you can face it and deal with it.
  2. Think and Speak positive declarations about your mood and situations. Just because anxiety or mild depression occurs, it doesn’t mean you have to stay in those moods.
  3. Embrace change from a different perspective. You do not have to fear change or the new thing that God is about to do in your life.
  4. Take the time to meditate and reflect as change occurs. When things become overwhelming, pause and regroup.  Think about what the current problem is and your options to solve it. When we are so focused on our problems, often times we can’t see the answers right before us.

Change is happening. You can prepare for it. And you can be excited about it. Even if you have had or feel as though you are still in a desert place right now, remember that God is making a way. He is bringing light to your darkness and life to the situations that appear to be dying. Allow God to do a New Thing during this season!

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