Keeping My Faith While Saving My Mind

Do you know what today is?

No, not my anniversary.  However, I do hope to be celebrating an anniversary with this special announcement.

Today is the first day for my readers to purchase their preorder of my new book, “Keeping My Faith While Saving My Mind; Memoirs of Overcoming Traumas”. 

This book is about personal stories that I share about exercising my faith while getting real help. There are so many that are faced with the same barrier of being a Believer while feeling lost and hopeless.

There is hope.

Often times church leaders are unable to reach those hurting in their congregations. It’s time to bridge that gap.

I encourage you to get your copy of my book, “Keeping My Faith While Saving My Mind” via my website. The book is scheduled to be released September 30, 2016 and will still be available on my website, Amazon and where books are sold in print and ebook.

Start breaking barriers today!

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