GOD Can Handle a Curse

“It may be that the LORD will see my distress and repay me with good for the cursing I am receiving today” (2 Samuel 16:12, NIV).

GOD Can Handle a Curse:  Have you ever experienced a season of affliction so much that it caused you to be in a state of doubt, distress and even depression? You might have experienced so much turmoil until it felt as though there was a curse on your life. The fact of the matter is you could have been cursed by the words of those close to you or by declarations released from your own mouth. Your present affliction could be the result of your past sins that you have already asked the LORD to forgive. Because GOD has the nature to forgive, He has done just that in your life. Unlike us, He doesn’t hold an account of our wrong doings and seek opportunities to avenge us. So, why does it seem as though you are still cursed by a curse?

“So David prayed, ‘O LORD, turn Ahithophel’s counsel into foolishness” (2 Samuel 15:31b).

Spiritual Manifestation:   King David was a man after GOD’s heart, but he fell backwards into his sin that allowed his position of authority to become vulnerable and his anointing to be compromised. Yes, GOD had forgiven him. GOD knew his potential and the anointing that He had given to him. Those close to David also knew of GOD’s anointing over David’s life. When David’s own son, Absalom conspired with the renown and respected prophet, Ahithophel to kill him, David prayed to the LORD about the one who was considered wise in the land. As a result, the advice that Ahithophel gave to Abaslom concerning David was made unreliable.

You have to remember that even if you have messed up in your life, it is your confession and repentance that GOD honors. When GOD has permitted you to walk boldly in the land; in your community, at your church, at your job and in your home you can do it without shame.  No man or woman can permit a curse that GOD doesn’t allow. Stop walking timidly amongst your enemies. Go to the GOD from whom all blessings flow and ask him to handle those that speak against you. GOD knows how to handle a curse. You walk boldly in His blessings!

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