Let God Work in Your Present

This morning I posted a quote of mine on my social media site that stated:

LORD, today let me be present in what you are doing; in Jesus Name, Amen.

Many times we are so fixated on our past issues that we do not allow God to do a great work in our present lives. Oh, how many times have I been guilty of this?

I’m sure you have too.

It is quite difficult to see and appreciate a new day of sunshine when we are surrounded by closed blinds that only remind us of the dark night. At some point, an active decision has to be made to allow the beautiful sun-rays inside of our gloomy environment.

It is okay to acknowledge the pains, sufferings and disappointments of our yesterdays.  There is serenity in knowing that God acknowledges and cares about them too. He cares so much that He wants to do something about them other than keep them on constant replay.

ConfessionThere have been so many times that I have had to reflect on missed opportunities and breakthroughs during the aftermath of a crisis or seemingly detrimental experience. Only to realize that had I taken my mind off of the problems and embraced positive declarations, I would have noticed the great work that God was doing on my behalf.

“…I am doing a great work,” (Nehemiah 6:3KJV)

Isn’t that just like us?

To see how God worked it out during the aftermath? Why is it so hard for us to be reminded how God is working it out during the storm?

Today, I challenge you to be present in your now state.  As hard as it appears to be, try not to continuously focus on the person who hurt your feelings, the person who used you or the delay that you received.

Be present today and allow God to do a great work in your life. He did it before. Trust Him to do it again!

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