Celebrate Your Worst Days

Yes, this is a bit of a late post on a Saturday. But Memphis has been having some of that stay in bed all day type of weather.

But I have a serious question to ask on such a relaxing day.

Do you recall the worst day of your life? 

Do you remember what you were doing? Do you remember who was the messenger?

If someone told you to celebrate the very day you wished you could erase from history, what would you do? If someone expected you to see the good in a very bad situation, would you think they were ludicrous?

It is quite difficult to feel past pain, when you are completely numb from brokenness. It is challenging to see your future, while being suffocated by your present.

How does any one celebrate these kind of moments in life?

You can’t…

You can’t celebrate while you have reached 10 centimeters of pain without any medication. But you can fight like you know a breakthrough is coming. You can push a little harder in an uncomfortable place when you are expecting the unknown.

How do I know?  I have been there. I have had to do it.

I have been in those desperate situations.  I have experienced what seemed like the worst day of my life. I have had moments that I wanted to erase from my memory. Truth is while I was in the eruption, celebration was no where on my mind. I know you can probably relate. But I did experience a slow leaking calmness that allowed me to remember that this too shall past.

We all have avenues by which we release.  Whether we do it by exercising, shopping or using our talents. I am writer. I love to write. It is therapeutic for me.  This morning one of my favorite writer friends reminded me to celebrate what was once considered my worst moments.

Patricia reminded me that today, April 30, 2016 marks the two year anniversary of me publishing my first novel, Marriage Thorn. This is indeed something to celebrate, right? So you are probably asking, why would I mark this memory down as an unpleasant event?

I’m glad you asked.

Well, after my new audience of readers became hooked by the first chapter, they were glued until the end of all 28 chapters.  I quickly started to receive emails, texts and phone calls that included pretty much the same question:  Is this real?

My novel was published in the category of fiction.  But you want to confirm something that you might be thinking right now?  You guessed it.

Yes, I used my creative and writing skills to create and publish my novel.  And I was proud of the finished product. Yet, had I never published it, I would still be just as proud of my completed work. The reason being is because I was able to use my gift of writing as an avenue to release my pain and celebrate…

……release my pain and celebrate my breakthrough.

We have the rose as an example of how beauty can use pain. This was the analogy behind my series, The Beauty of My Thorns.  There is beauty in every pain, every worst day moment and every thorn that you have experienced too.

Some times we need reminding while we are going through that it will get better. Sometimes we need reminding after we have celebrated victories moments, they we are over comers. What ever difficult, disappointing and dreary place you have found yourself in right now, remember that there will be a moment of celebration. What you do to get to that moment is up to you. I encourage you to push and fight. Celebrate your Thorns!

Celebrate my book anniversary by downloading my novel right now!

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