Mind Minus BODY!

Mind, Body & Soul…

We are familiar with the term, right? But honestly, how many of us actually work to balance these core elements of our lives?

I CONFESS:  I’m guilty!

As a Healthy Minds Coach and Ambassador, I recently had to face a hard truth about myself. I have been actively advocating about the importance of maintaining a healthy mind and dealing with mental health challenges, but I have really been failing in an important area.


I don’t even recall my turning point to negligent physical health.  I mean I have never had a major problem with obesity.  I use to exercise faithfully everyday; even martial arts. Other than an “addiction” or cotton candy habit, I pretty much ate healthy. But some where along the way, I started going down hill.

It’s the little things that add up.  You know those disciplines you had that gradually started to become unhealthy decisions.

It wasn’t my lack of healthy choices that caused me to notice I had changed.

Unfortunately, it was sickness that caused me to become alarmed.

I won’t go into all my medical history, but there have been minor and major issues. But let me tell you, when my norm became gasping for breath after climbing stairs, feeling three times my age on a regular day, and not having enough energy to complete a simple task that requires sitting at my desk, I understood the ole folks saying of, “Chile, just keep on living!”

So, after rolling over in my bed this morning and having a severe headache, barely enough energy to get out of bed and staggering to get my toddler ready for school, reality really started to set in….

It is time that I make a decision to change my healthy lifestyle.

My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings. Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart. For they are life to those that find them, and health to all their flesh. Proverbs 4:20-22, KJV

This past Saturday I was a vendor at a health fair to promote my organization’s mental health services. This was an upbeat health fair.  It was family oriented, had lots of energetic games, exercises and dances going on the entire three hours.

Other than promoting services at these events, I really look forward to networking with other people and learning about services and opportunities within my community and the communities I serve.

Now, I realize that not everyone who attends or even vendors at these events are actively trying to market.  You know you have encountered a vendor at an event who obviously is there filling in for someone or just manning a table because it is a part of their job. If you stop at their table, you sense that they don’t care one way or another if you take an interest in their products or services.

You then smile and keep it moving to a mutually welcoming face.

Well, my table was sandwiched in between one vendor who fit this description and one who was complete opposite.

God would have it so that I would be beside a couple of Wellness Coaches. I’ve seen like coaches many times before and could either not buy into what they were selling or just hadn’t reached the point of reality about myself yet.

For some reason, I was really impressed with this couple. They seemed to have been excited about their products and was knowledgeable about them. I also got the impression that they used their products and actively promoted a healthy lifestyle.

My colleague and I both decided to try their three-day trial challenge that included products and coaching. Honestly, I told myself I would get it and start one day in the near future. But after waking up to the “Monday Health Blues” and receiving a text from my now Wellness Coach, I decided to force myself out of bed and get started on my first challenge.

I am excited about making this decision to work more on my physical health so that I can take better care of my body.  Not having my body up to par, effects the wellness of my mind. And I do believe the key to wellness is Mind, Body & Soul.

God wants us to be healthy in these areas and His Word reminds us of health and wellness. Proverbs 4:20-22 is a healing verse.  Meditate on it as you do the work to having a healthy mind & BODY!

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