Have you ever experienced a day that you were unsure how to start it?

You were certain that within it lies much work to do.

Many tasks to complete.  Elephant size projects.

As you tried to focus in on one thing at a time in hopes to gain a starting point, you ended up being further distracted.

You thought of past days that were similar to this one. Then you started to trace a pattern of unhealthy habits. Habits that you declared along the way you would give up in order to produce different outcomes in your life.

As you continued to reflect on the steps that landed you in your current revelation, you thought about how many broken promises, dreams deferred and delayed goals have occurred due to your lack of discipline.

You soon start to wonder….

 Is this day even worth it?

Your minor successes seem meaningless compared to your failed accomplishments. You were supposed to have been at this particular place in life 10 years ago. You were supposed to have started on this project 5 years ago. You were supposed to have developed a plan for this goal over a year ago.

With so many days filled with disappointment, how are you suppose to focus on this day?

What will be different in this day?

Your mindset.

When God interrupts our schedules and causes us to reflect on hard truths, it is for a relevant reason. Yes, it is convicting.   But not meant to be condemning.

Everything that has occurred in your life has been a learning and growing experience. Unpleasant re-occurrences are most times signs of lessons unlearned.

How do you know you have learned a lesson?

You grow from it. You implement or apply what you have learned from that point forward. Some life lessons take longer to learn than others. But don’t waste time beating yourself up over those times.

Trust God to redeem the time (Ephesians 5:16).

Then you have to be willing to do the work moving forward. Every time you get the opportunity to apply the lesson, you do so.  It’s not a one-time effort.  Patterns are broken by establishing new ones.

This concept also applies in your relationships. If you want healthier relationships, you have to do the work to make them happen. You can’t force people to change, but you can require them to treat you a certain way by your responses to them.

This applies to you too. If you don’t like the way you have been treating others, work on changing it one opportunity at a time.

So now, we are back to this day.

Yes, if you look at the big scale of things it can appear very overwhelming. You can take that anxiety in a different direction.  One that moves opposite of you.

Prioritize this day

The past is the past. Whatever has shifted into this day that still needs to be worked on or worked out, determine what portion of it you can complete today.  The same for anything else on ‘your plate’ today. Give projects or assignments a number signifying their urgency. Everything will not get done. Everyone else’s emergency is not your responsibility.

Be thankful this day

This is a priority that if you prioritize correctly, it should start your day and help determine the direction of your day. Remember, God interrupted your thoughts for a reason. When your mind is clouded by chaos, you can not think or plan clearly. Praising God in my opinion is the best therapy in the world. It helps you to connect with the One who is greater than you and your problems.

Make declarations this day

This is the day that the LORD has made and you have to choose to rejoice and be glad in it (Psalm 118:24). Make positive declarations about this day throughout this day. Declare God’s promises about you in this day. Your mindset is shifting gears. You are changing your thought pattern so that your everyday life outcomes will align with God’s purpose for your life. You live on purpose when you intentionally set and carry out goals and complete tasks and assignments.

This day you shall turn things around in your life.

This day you shall develop healthy habits.

This day you shall apply lessons learned.

This day you shall have order in your life.

This day you shall have peace.

This day you shall have a more abundant life.

For THIS IS THE DAY that the LORD has made and you are a part of it!

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