Strength in An Unclear Place


How often do you wake up on Monday mornings overly excited and ready to conquer the world?

If you had this feeling last week or experiencing it right now, wonderful!

While you are on cloud nine, you might recall the beginnings of a new work week when you felt like doing nothing but ripping your alarm clock out of the wall and rolling back over in bed.

I can definitely relate. So can millions of others too.

But why aren’t we more excited about the start of a new week and the opportunity to mingle with others? Regardless of your job or career, you will touch the lives of others in some capacity.

And these acquaintances or strangers will have the same affect on you.

It is a part of God’s design.

Once we make it out of our beds and homes we find it easier to start our routine week. Despite how we dread taking the first steps, each one gives us more energy or strength to take the next one.

Before we get into how fantastic this day and week is going to be, let’s take a moment to dissect the past hours of time called the weekend.

The weekend…

The segment of time we look forward to and the time we don’t want to let go.


Sometimes our week days are so chaotic and full of crises that we need the weekend as an illusion to erase it from our experiences.

Sometimes while we are basking in the idea of forgetting all of the stressors in the week, the calm is broken by another crisis.

Then, before you know it you are ready for the weekend to be over with.

One problem…

You aren’t ready for Monday either.

Somehow you understand all of the rhetoric I just gave. Simply because you have experienced or currently experiencing an unfamiliar or uncomfortable place in your life.

It is the place that you have acknowledged your exhausting routine.

It is the place where misery is becoming your best friend.
You are experiencing gray: Your life is filled with ambiguity and you are torn between directions.

And on top of past issues that continue to resurface in your mind, you are having to deal with a new wave of problems.

Why should I be excited about starting this process all over today? Is your silent question.

It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. 2 Samuel 22:33, NIV

Whether you are having to deal with another disappointment, loss or fear, you have strength inside of you to make it through this too. Whatever your “this” is.

God wants you to experience joy.

God is not the author of confusion but of peace (1 Corinthians 14:33).

Pay attention to your feelings about the things that are occurring in your life and not necessary about the things that are happening. We can’t control every thing that occurs, but we can control our feelings and reactions towards them.

Ask God to help you get to the place of peace and happiness again. The place where you are excited to start a new week and you feel and know you are making a positive contribution.

Be honest about your challenges and struggles.

As you navigate to the direction intended for you, trust God to give you the strength you need and trust that He is perfecting your way. Your way seems gray and unclear right now, but your coarse can change.

Continue to take the steps.

Your best day is in your future!

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