Balance Before You Break


Hooray! It’s the beginning of another work week.

The last day of another month.

So, how are you feeling right now?  Excited?  Full of energy? Ready to conquer the world?

Or perhaps you are a bit…

Anxious, overwhelmed and haven’t a clue how you are going to complete one assignment or project out of the 10 on your plate.

How did you get here again?

At first it started out with three letters, “yes”.  And you soon forgot that “no” was also in your vocabulary as an option. Honestly, you were afraid to use the word no because you didn’t want to disappoint or have someone thinking you couldn’t handle their request.

What about that new venture that you just couldn’t turn down that had so many opportunities attached to it? Despite the fact you already have a full work load, family and demanding social life.

“But if I can just squeezed this in for _____ amount of time, it will be worth the added stress.”

Is the illusion  you tried to make yourself believe.

Truth is, everyone reaches a breaking point.   You have to know what yours is.

If you are one who is driven by multi-tasking like me, then you really have to make sure you do stress checks often.  I recently had to do this.

Now, multi-tasking is a skill that can be very effective on different levels.  You have to be able to know what things can be “juggled” versus those that need your undivided attention.

Before you think I’m beating you on the head, I have had the same thing done to me.  I’m known for having a lot of things going on.  As a matter a fact, just this year alone I have been called Superwoman or Supergirl over five times by different people. By the way, my toddler and I faithfully watch the show every Monday.

Even Supergirl has to take care of herself and know her limits so that her powers work effectively. Did you see the episode when she got sick for a few days and wasn’t able to help those depending on her?  She had to discover her other powers or strengths in order to provide assistance or help bring order to chaos.

Most people look forward to the weekend to rest and relax.  Normally, my Saturdays are already preplanned with tasks.  But you know what?  This past Saturday I had a date with my bed and the Hallmark channel ALL day long!

At first, my mind kept telling me I needed to get up because there was so much to do.  Since my toddler was having a sleep over, I was trying to convince myself how much I could get accomplished without her. If you have kids, you know what I’m talking about.

But then, there was the voice advocating for my healthy mind that said, Do you know how much rest you can get being all alone today?

So I gave in and enjoyed the marathon of my favorite mystery show, “Murder She Wrote”.

I’m not going to lie to you. I have many exciting things going on this week alone.  And yes, I’m going to assume my given character and be Supergirl.  But just as I had to take a break for a day to just do nothing, I will be getting my breaks in everyday this week too.

There is bad and good stress.  Stress management is key. 

 Stress can be defined as the brain’s response to any demand. Many things can trigger this response, including change. Changes can be positive or negative, as well as real or perceived. (NIMH)

 Here are a few quick tips to help you manage your stress before you break:


Tip 1 –  Exercise at least 30 minutes a day.  Instead of “unhealthy” venting, take a walk.

Tip 2– Intentionally schedule times for relaxing and healthy activities.  If it’s not on your mind, its easy to forget about doing it.

Tip 3– Avoid dwelling on problems.  Work to resolve what you can, but remember you are not God.

Tip 4– Stay connected to your “Life Line”  or support system.  Sometimes you need someone else to identify that you might be becoming burnt out.

Tip 5–  See a counselor or coach to work with you for an abbreviated time.  It’s great to know what your options are that you might now have considered.

I hope this post has helped you and that you will monitor your stress so that you may become more balanced and not break.  If you need one on one assistance, I would love to work with you. Simply email me at

Now go and Balance Your Life!


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