Initially It Was Nothing

An organized office and clean desk encourages a welcoming writing atmosphere.

So last week after noticing that my “birthing room” had become a land field due to many writing assignments and projects, I mustard up the energy to get everything back in order.

My life the past two days has been so refreshing!

While in the process of cleaning, I discovered works that I had written over 15 years ago and beyond. Prior to blogging and manifesting my dream to become a novelist, I was an adolescent poet. Some of my poems have been shared with mere friends and teachers, but all are new to the world.

Today, after almost a two decade gap, I share my poetry again. Consider it my contribution to Black History Month, but also acknowledging one of my childhood inspiring books written by author Harper Lee, who recently departed. This first one is entitled, “Initially It Was Nothing”.  Be encouraged and reminded how powerful the mind is.

Initially it was nothing.

It was an infertile egg, until someone nurtured it with love.
It was a baby crawling, until someone taught it how to walk.
It was a child afraid to start school, until a teacher gave it courage and hope.

it Was Nothing.

It was an empty book, until someone made it complete with a story.
It was an idea, until someone made it an invention.
It was lost treasure, until someone discovered its true beauty.

it Was nothing.

Initially it was a Dream.

It once wished upon a star, until someone blew out its last candle.
The happiness from within, overflowed teardrops of joy,
Until the teardrops were derived from pain.
It evolved from the sparkle of a child’s eyes and lived on through the brightness
of a child’s smile, until the adolescent stage took away the courage and the hope.

It blossomed like a rose in the Spring, until the weeds weathered the buds away.
It was free as the unpredictable wind and its limitation had no boundaries, until
Someone attempted to capture the wind and bound it like a slave.
It saved lives, inspired children, and amazed the world until…

IT became a dream deferred.

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