Do You Have A Life Line?

This past weekend a lot of lines stopped working.

The winter storms hit the regions and caused power outages, little to no phone reception and stranded vehicles. Meteorologists have declared it a historic storm.

It interrupted millions of lives and caused many to be disconnected from every day basic necessities or what our society has deemed vital essentials.

Hoping to prepare for disaster, the grocery stores were flooded with people the day before the storm. Lines were almost outside the doors and the cars lined up at gas stations extended to the streets.

Anxiety and fear kicked in and panicky people went into survival mode; Even though most already had enough supplies and food to last through the storm.

When livelihood is being attacked, human nature causes us to protect it.

Where is this drive when life is attacking us individually through the pressure of wearing many hats in order to fill many roles? Where is this momentum when we are expected to perform at our best while undergoing a crisis?

Why don’t we fight back when our minds are losing power?


You do not get a warning on your television from reporters the day before you have a nervous breakdown, receive the worst doctor’s report ever or lose the closest person to you.

No, there is no red alert flashing on your screen for these life changing events.

Yet, these events affect you more than a temporary snow storm. Yes, you might lose material things and be inconvenienced, but you have a support system of family, church, community resources and insurance to help you recovery. When your mind is under attack, it is an ongoing situation you have to live with.

Right now, are you struggling to get your day started? Are you feeling overwhelmed about the tasks that you have to do today? What is your plan to survive today?

I’ll tell you what my plan use to be.


Two weapons the enemy loves.

You might be feeling the need to keep things to yourself because you don’t want to bother others with your issues or you feel embarrassed to admit that your ‘super strength’ has depleted itself. So you keep to yourself if work, go through the religious process at church and talk about any and everything else with your supposedly friends. You submit everyone else’s prayer request on the prayer line, but not your own.

Even worse, you avoid social gatherings and find yourself missing church services because you don’t have the energy to attend.

You have disconnected your life line.

Before you realized it, you have lost your drive to fight and will to live.

No man is an island, entire of itself. – Poet John Donne

God created us for relationships. Within those relationships is a life line; love, support, resources.

We don’t need a news report to sound an alarm that we will need our life line. We don’t have to wait until a crisis hits to use our life line and go into intervention mode. We must think intentionally and be in preventative mode.

How strong is your current life line?

LOVE– Those closest to us care about us; family, friends, church members. We might not feel as safe to open ourselves up to all of them. Understand, all relationships are not healthy. But select at least one person from each of these relational categories who you know with out a doubt cares about you and will not criticize or seek to judge you.
SUPPORT– Once you have chosen your selection from loved ones, use them as your support system. Identify strengths that each person has and utilize them. For example, I have friends that I go to for spiritual support and other friends I talk to who I know will keep it real with me.

RESOURCES– In your support system, is a wealth of knowledge, gifts and connections. Church members or social clubs can be very resourceful here too. Despite how difficult your minor daily crises might seem, you are not the first person to go through it. You already have hope and help is available too. God is our source, but he has intentionally prepared resources for us.

Now, I declare in this moment that your day shall be better. Your mindset has changed. You have a Life Line and the barriers of Silence and Isolation are defeated. You are more than a conqueror!

If you need help in preparing your Life Line or shifting your mindset, I would love to help you.  Connect with me to get started.

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