Leading Ladies Have Needs Too!

It’s Saturday morning.

Blizzards and snow storms have hit the southern and eastern states.

Mother nature has interrupted your weekend routine, holding you hostage from accomplishing outdoor errands.

You have probably already done every possible in house chore or planning to do so. You are planning ahead either on paper or in your mind how you will accomplish the things that were forced to be delayed.

Because it’s what you do.

You are a woman, a wife, a mother, a caregiver, a friend, volunteer, entrepreneur, devote Christian…

The list goes on and on.

Your Saturdays are normally filled with tasks that help everyone else’s life run smoothly. You are the one who removes the stressors from everyone else’s situation. Despite the goal you set to take better care of yourself this year, you have found it difficult to break your normal unhealthy routine.


Oh my dear strong and powerful superwoman, God has sent a bit of kryptonite your way.
Now, I’m laughing with you and not at you. I have been and even as I type this, am in your situation too. As I glance outside of my home office window, I see the snow and the patches of ice and thinking of all the plans I had for today. But before I could start to complain about how nature has altered my day, I had to pause for a moment…

Pause and take in the rare scenery.

It is beautiful.

What others make chaotic is actually peaceful. At least to me right now. Viewing my outdoors gives me serenity and comfort. It has frozen my chaos and forced much needed rest upon my body. It gives my mind permission to think about and appreciate basic things.

God knows I’m thankful for clean water right now!

Yes, our busy schedules will continue to exist daily. Naturally, we will take the leading roles in our lives. Our hearts will compel us to help others. There will be days when we push ourselves to the limit.

All because we want everything to run smoothly for everyone else. And we tell ourselves that if everything is alright with those we love, it will make it be alright for us too.

There has to be balance. We have to have healthy bodies and healthy minds in order to help others. We have needs too. Who is going to come to our rescue when disaster strikes?

Thank God that He does. Although we might stumble from trying to be everything to everyone, God will uphold us (Psalm 37:24).

To all my Leading Ladies, here are a few nuggets that can help you balance your life today and in the future:

Lead with God
Yes, you are a leader, but allow God to take the lead by starting your day off with Him. As a Christian woman you might be thinking, “Of course!” but you would be surprised how off coarse we can get that we end up pushing our devotional time back further and further until it is the last thing we do in a day. We have to allow God to replenish us spiritually at the top of each day.

Lead with Joy
The joy of the Lord is our strength (Nehemiah 8:10). If we are frustrated and unhappy while we are taking care of our children and doing our jobs, we can not be effective leaders. It will also make us depressed about having to do the work associated with our roles.

Lead with Balance
Life happens everyday. It will not wait for us to take time for ourselves. Don’t wait until God has to force you to take care of yourself. Regardless how full your plate might be, intentionally schedule time for yourself, by yourself. Even if it is only 30 minutes in a day. You can do a lot (or nothing) with 30 minutes.

These three nuggets should be helpful reminders to get you started. Challenge yourself to implement the tips today. Now, if you insist on showing how strong you are and go engage with the kryptonite, do not be shock or have a break down when you learn you can’t handle snow and ice like Storm.

Now, my Leading Ladies, go and lead with wisdom and handle your needs too!

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