What’s Your Expected End?

By now, you have been seeing them all:

End of the Year motivational speeches,

Coaching quotes,

New Year resolutions,

Prophetic themes…

If you haven’t, just pay attention to commercials and watch your social media pages this week. They will be jumping out at you.

Admittedly, when you first glance at them they give you a bit of hope and make you excited about looking forward to changing the calendar of your life. Why? Because we all like to be hopeful about a positive outcome, positive results and a positive future.

“…plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11c, NIV)

Hope gives you an expected end.

What is in your recipe for hope?

Does your ingredients include harm, defeat or sadness?

Are you expecting these elements because of what you experienced this past year?

We might be able to collectively agree that a lot of bad things happened in our world this year. Some things affected us individually. Good and bad are both a part of this world. They are a part of life.

When one unpleasant event out weighs the other, it doesn’t define who you are or your purpose.

Right now, this very moment you may be internalizing all of your regrets, replaying every tragic scene and rekindling every negative flame that burned your emotions.

You are stagnate.

You are stuck in your past and can not visualize or have the desire to hope for a positive future.

I too, as many others, have been there.

There was a time when I wanted to just hide underneath my covers toward the end of the year and prayed that when I woke up, either I was going to be on a deserted island or magically, somehow, my problems just vanished into the universe.

“So I hated life, because the work that is done under the sun was grievous to me. All of it is meaningless, a chasing after the wind” (Ecclesiastes 2:17, NIV).

I was stuck.

I was stagnate in time and regardless if I wanted it to or not, time was going to keep moving. This meant that I would move along in the calendar, but I would be stagnate in every day that followed. My mind was not living each day. It was fixated on every bad thing that had occurred in my life; therefore, I was expecting the worse each day.

How do you change your expectation?

How do you change your negative mood about your life?

You have to change your mindset.

You have to hold on to that which is truth. Your circumstances and things that have happen to you are true to you. They really happened. But truth is what God has declared about you.

God says in His Word:

You shall not die but live. (Psalm 118:17)

There is no plan to harm you. (Jeremiah 29:11)

You shall prosper. (Jeremiah 29:11)

You shall reap joy. (Psalm 126:5)

You are more than a conqueror. (Romans 8:37)

YOU have to speak these declarations that God has spoken over your life. He spoke them before you were created.

You might feel as though this year was your worst year. That you have just been toiling and existing. But I come into agreement with you that your midnight is about change seasons. You will no longer be stagnate.

You have Hope and a Promised Future. And your Expected End is filled with:



Promotion and


Now you declare it and move forward with great expectation!

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