Taking Control of 2016

The struggle is real.



They are everywhere. You see them every day.

This year you have experienced a level of chaos like never before. Sure, 2015 started out with you feeling as though you were on top of the world. You received an empowering sermon or motivational speech that jump-started your success engine.

Your goals were set. Weekly tasks were laid out.

Then before you knew it, things were twirling out of control.

Deadlines piled up.

Crisis after crises occurred.

You struggled to focus. You struggled to remain motivated.

You felt so out of control until you could not remember what your goals were for this year.

You know what? It happens to the best of us. Life happens to everyone. It is the response that allows one to remain calm and conquer chaos.

“A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity” (Proverbs 17:17).

There is no doubt that life can be difficult. Relationships can be challenging. We have been given resources, connections that produce a great support system. We also posses the strength to endure adversity. In order to succeed in life, in everyday living you have to be able to take control of your life. No, this doesn’t mean you can prevent every bad thing from happening to you or even control the outcome of every situation.

But what it does mean is that you have the ability to control your responses to crises, to people and to failures.

How do you do this?

1. It starts with changing the way you think.

You have to change your perspective about unpleasant or negative things that occur in your life. Set yourself up for success by only focusing on success. When you are disappointed by the outcome of something, seek positives in a negative situation. Think, “How can I use this for my good?” or “What lesson am I suppose to learn from this?”

2. It includes changing the way you talk.

When we are disappointed or faced with a crises, our natural response is to vent. How do we vent? Out loud. Rather or not you want to admit this means we talk to ourselves, normally in the midst of a vent session we are not making positive affirmations. We tend to manifest faulty-thinking through our words. This does not help the situation. The longer a negative vent session lasts, the longer a healthy solution is prolonged. So the next time you find yourself venting, even after you have blown off a little steam, make sure you start speaking positive declarations in the atmosphere.

3. It matters who you engage with.
Regardless if we are making a bad or good decision, we like to have a support system. When we want someone to see things from our perspective or agree with our choice to feel or react a certain way, we vent to others. Now, if you only want a pity party or no solution to your situation then keep having conversations with negative people. But if your desire is to change your circumstances and progress in your goals, then you need to not only talk to those who will listen to you vent, but will intercept negativity with healthy conversation. People who are truly a part of your support system will not allow you to remain stuck in an unhealthy place.

Think healthy. Talk healthy. Receive healthy.

This is how you will take control of your life in 2016. We can not control occurrences or people, but we can control ourselves; thoughts, actions, social engagement.

Start exercising these strategies today and you will start seeing a difference. You don’t have to feel out of control. You have the power to take control and conquer adversity by using it to make you stronger.

Take Control!

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