When Love Has Lost Its Soul

When you hear the names…


Jill Scott.

R. Kelly.

You immediately start to think of good ole soul music. You can’t think of soul music without thinking of love songs. You can’t think of love songs without thinking of LOVE.

While up late last night watching an encore presentation of the 2015 Soul Train Music Awards, there were moments when I literally felt as if my soul was having a revival. Coming from a minister, that is saying a lot! Apparently, I wasn’t the only woman in ministry appreciating the arts and artists. I saw my girl Erica Campbell, or Lady Campbell I should say, rocking with her husband to “Whip Appeal”.

Erica, after R. Kelly, we all need a little more Jesus! I’m still thanking God he was on G-rated behavior.

Seriously, listening to those jams didn’t just take me down memory lane as everyone else. It really reached down to a part of my soul that had been asleep. During Jill Scott’s performance, she had me smiling and dancing and it was just good watching the audience vibe with her.

And oh my goodness, Babyface! I had forgotten and wasn’t aware of all the songs credited to him. His premier had me really remembering and appreciating love. You could tell by looking at the many fans in the audience that they were not only remembering past love, but that they could relate those songs to present love.

By the end of Babyface’s performance, I was shedding tears. Uncontrollable tears.

It wasn’t until R. Kelly’s snippet of “When A Woman’s Fed Up” that it hit me why I was mourning great music.

My LOVE has lost its SOUL.

I am a married woman and it hit me that the reason why I was having a “soul music” revival was because that was the music that I found natural love and where I left it. It would probably take me an hour to name one current love song. And by current, I mean within the past three years.

That is a sin and a shame!

Yes, when a married woman can not relate to one single current love song, that is a sin and definitely a Marriage Thorn.

Now for those of you that have been following my blog or ministry for a length of time, might be thinking I just went far left. If this is your first time landing on my page, you might be feeling right at home. Well, loyal readers, don’t be alarmed. You should know by now, I strive to stand in my truth.

Truth. Authenticity. Is what we all seek and want the freedom to be. When we can’t be real with others and especially ourselves, it affects our relationships and our emotional and mental state.

How do you think Jill Scott is able to sing such loving and soulful music as she does? She is singing from a place of authenticity. She has lived her music. She lives her music. Her music gives her hope and allows her to heal from whatever. I have never had a conversation with Jill, but her music tells it all.

My writing has been a part of that hope and healing for me. God has been the root and center of it. Truth is we all deal with real issues that are sometimes so seemingly unbearable, that we want to mask them with false reality. Even when we go to people and places for help, we don’t bring them our truth out of fear. Sometimes its because our very own support group are dealing with the struggle to unmask themselves.

The struggle is real. Legendary Soul Train icon, Don Cornelius, had to live that reality.

Unfortunately, permanent decisions are made for temporary problems when a crisis intensifies or is prolonged. One important thing to remember during a crisis or epiphany is that there is always a healthy way out because God’s plan is not to harm us (Jeremiah 29:11).

How did my love get lost? You might want to check out my novel, Marriage Thorn for that drama filled answer.

What am I going to do about it? Stay tuned and we all shall see.

In the meantime, LOVE, PEACE and SOUL!

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