Sharing Husband On the Holidays

Thanksgiving is tomorrow so thought this was worth re-posting. The first holiday with your spouse is very exciting. But, it probably won’t just be the two of you….

Ministering to Minds

Ladies, one of, if not the most, popular family holidays is less than three days away, so how are you feeling about it right now? Your response is probably contingent upon a couple of things.

#1- Is this your first Thanksgiving holiday with your spouse?

If yes, congratulations! This means you are a newlywed and probably feeling all romantic, still caught up in the honeymoon bliss and keeping a list of the “firsts”. The first holiday you spend with your husband should be special and full of wonderful memories. More than likely, both of you have spent previous Thanksgivings at your parents’ house. You now have to decide what traditions you are going to establish for your own family. Part of you wants to visit your parents or take that trip to Grandma’s house, but what if your husband wants you to spend your first holiday with his parents? Are…

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