The Moment Dream Becomes Reality

“Mommy, look! Look! There’s your book!” my two year old daughter screamed with excitement as she noticed the picture of my novel in a recent newspaper.

I have been blessed to accomplish a few goals in my life, but it was in this moment that my toddler froze me in time and made me reflect on what the publication of the article really meant for me.

A dream come true.

Can you go back to the first time in your childhood when you saw something so amazing that it sparked desire in you like nothing before? For me, it was the infatuation of the writing process an author goes through to see his or her book in print and on a shelf for sale.

At 10 years old, I fantasized and set a goal that one day I was going to write and publish my very own novel. Not only that, but I was going to seclude to a small town and be the famous writer that everyone knows and talks about like Jessica B. Fletcher, one of my all time favorite characters on the murder mystery, “Murder She Wrote”. Yes, I would be the J.B. Fletcher of Clarksdale, Mississippi instead of Cabot Cove.

As I grew older, other goals were added to this list of dreams, but becoming a published author was always the one that lit my purpose on fire!

Later on, I learned how my writing was a part of my ministry to inspire and encourage others. I also used it as an advocacy tool for mental health awareness.

All of this has been accomplished over a course of many years. Before the manifestation, there were barriers, setbacks and what seemed like endless delays. I believe most of us reach a certain age in life and wonder if our dreams are just that, dreams. We think time has caused us to just be content with existing in life. We get stuck in a rut and start to believe that our dreams were not meant to manifest and because we have now gotten too old to make it happen.


As I read the article that features me in my hometown of Clarksdale, the only delay was my reaction to a dream becoming reality. It took the reaction of  my two year old daughter to remind me of the spark I felt when I was a child. Sometimes we get so caught up in doing the dream or dreaming that we don’t realize when the dream has become reality or even an opportunity for reality to manifest.

I have read several times the detailed article that captivates my main goals that have been centered around my life’s philosophy of using my writing to encourage, entertain and educate others. And each time I am in awe of God’s promises.

I still have much more that I want to accomplish, but I don’t have to focus on delays or what I haven’t done. Right here in black and white, is a reality check to let me know that somewhere along the way I have been believing in that little girl’s dream. I didn’t let the discouragement or ridicule from others deter me. I didn’t allow my dreams to be deferred by my own fears. I remembered the One who gave me gifts and desires and believed that I could do all things through Christ who continues to strengthen me.

Now, as you read my article featured in the Clarksdale Press Register, don’t call me J. B. Fletcher; just call me S.J. Hastings!

Set a plan in action and make your dreams come true too!

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