Corrupt Spiritual Leaders Are Not Tolerated

July 12, 2015 Sunday School Commentary

Lesson Guide, Direction Urban Ministries

Corrupt Spiritual Leaders Are Not Tolerated
Background Text Micah 3
Highlighted Text – Micah 3:5-12

Key Verse – “But truly I am full of power by the spirit of the LORD, and of judgment, and might, to declare unto Jacob his transgression, and to Israel his sin.” Micah 3:8

In today’s lesson, the prophet Micah continues to delivery God’s message to Israel. This message deals with the the judges and leaders that were established through Moses system of appointing the leadership over the land. Under this system, the elders or head of the families became judges. These groups of judges made up what we know to be the delegates and representatives today. Later on, God anointed elders to be prophets. There were also false prophets among the land that did not speak the full message of God, rather, they misused their gifts for their benefits. We are reminded that God does not tolerate corruption from those in authority.

Corrupt Prophets (Micah 3:5-7)
Being God’s mouth piece, Micah tells the false prophets in Jerusalem and Samaria that God is not pleased with their actions. They give the people a sense of false hope and peace by not speaking about the sin that God detest. The false prophets have only been telling the people what they want to hear in order to gain money for their services. They have been misusing their gifts. God warns them that he will take away their gift and they will not hear from him at all.

Point to Ponder: As a Christian, do you use your spiritual gifts to spread the whole Gospel or only for financial gain?

The Man of God (Micah 3:8-10)
As a true prophet of God, Micah was aware of the problems he was creating by speaking truth. He had to stand up to so many people that were corrupt and when things are revealed, resistance takes place. But Micah was more concerned about the wrath of God if he didn’t walk boldly in his prophetic office. By knowing the power he possessed with God on his side, it gave him the strength to complete his divine assignment.

Point to Ponder: Are you willing to stand up against the majority in order to speak the truth of God?

Corrupt Leaders (Micah 3:11-12)
In addition to corrupt prophets, the other leaders that handle the daily affairs of the land also abuse their authority. They built up their cities at the expense of mistreating the poor. They were only about prosperity at any cost to others. These leaders were not adhering to spiritual advice or guidance. Micah informs them that the very city they are working hard to build up for their own benefits will eventually be destroyed.

Point to Ponder: All leaders are required to be just for the people without compromising God’s standards.

Our society today is filled with corrupt leaders. The purpose of the church is to be God’s representatives on earth. We should be guiding believers and even nonbelievers into truth and justice. We have to take a stand against corruption and not just tell people what they want to hear. However, in order for us to accomplish this, we too must be like the prophet Micah and be on the right side with God. We have the power and God expects us to use it.
Commentary by, Minister Shulanda Hastings
Senior Ministry Leader
Spirit Realm Divine Manifestation Ministries

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