When Believers Get Real

“A wife leaving the church her husband pastors in the city that is the buckle that fastens the Bible belt? In Memphis, Tennessee, it would be the talk of the church and community…It would affect me spiritually; although, I felt like I was dying a spiritual death if I stayed. But I did stay” (Lady Sherri Pearce, Marriage Thorn).




Are elements that our faith is composed of. Let’s quickly journey back to the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. He didn’t seek out perfect people to help him in ministry. He didn’t belittle those that didn’t have it together. He didn’t abused the hurting.
Jesus met the needs of REAL people with REAL issues that needed REAL healing.

There are many times during my Christian walk that I recall needing to be healed from different issues. Sometimes, all it took was listening ears, fellowship with Believers and the truth spoken in love.

Unfortunately, I didn’t receive these responses every time I entered places of worship that I knew were symbolic to God’s altar. For instance, I remember forcing my way to church one Sunday after I had been up all Saturday night crying in agony. I had wanted an escape from the pain I felt from grieving and loneliness. After listening to an inspiring televangelist, I was compelled to go to church in hopes to feel closer to God and receive answers for my current state.

It wasn’t easy getting out of the bed and forcing legs to walk to the shower and get dressed. Deep down I knew that God cared about me, but my emotions were so unbalanced I couldn’t even talk to him. God said that he would never leave me or forsake me (ref. Deut. 31:6), but I felt like he had.

Once I arrived at the church and gain the courage to ask for help, the resounding theme was I wasn’t exercising enough faith. I wasn’t truly saved and needed to go to the altar and pray for my salvation. There were intercessors that gave me a quick prayer and by the benediction hurried out the door because ‘church’ was over. Their ministry had ended with the preacher’s words of “until we meet again”.

I left there the same way I came.

Depressed. Hurt. Terrified.

Unfortunately, today there are many people hurting inside of the church just like I was. You or someone you know might be feeling as if you are dying a spiritual death and it is draining your physical body. You should know:


YOU are NOT the only one in church with issues.

The Gospel, the Message of Jesus Christ is REAL. It is true. It can help heal the hurting. Yes, the church has answers, but we have to be real so that we can truly be blessed to be a blessing to others through our testimonies.

When believers get real, we can get healed and truly help others.

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