God’s Judgment to His People

Lesson Guide, Direction Urban Ministries

Devotional Reading- Psalm 75
Highlighted Text – Amos 2:4-8

Key verse: “This is what the LORD says: ‘For three sins Judah, even four, I will not turn back my wrath. Because they have rejected the law of the LORD and have not kept his decrees, because they have been led astray by false gods, the gods their ancestors followed,” (Amos 2:4, NIV).

Undoubtedly, we live in a society where it appears that injustice prevails and wrongdoers excel daily in their actions. It is imperative that the just remember that there is indeed “nothing new under the sun” (Ecc.1:9b); therefore, every wrong, injustice, or transgression can be traced back to the Bible. Although we might be surprised by the latest trend or news reports, our God is aware and never blindsided by the actions of mankind. The same just God who extracted his wrath many seasons ago, is the same God of today who fights for the victims of injustice and rightly judges and convicts those headed for destruction. In today’s lesson, we are reminded that the God of our salvation detests deliberate and repetitious disobedience.

Judah’s Sin and God’s Judgment (Amos 2:4-5)
The prophet Amos was not from a lineage of prophets, but rather he was a shepherd by vocation in a town called Tekoa, approximately 10 miles from Jerusalem. Although slavery was their custom in the small town, there were laws in place that outlined a ‘fair’ treatment of slaves. The village town and surrounding areas started to abuse the laws and treat the people unjustly for their own profit. In addition to breaking the laws that governed slavery, they broke many others that eventually identified them as a pagan society. God used the prophet Amos to deliver his judgment to Judah, which was so condemning because they had the law of God and refuse to obey it.
Point to Ponder: Do you realize that the open access we have to God’s Word holds us more accountable to obey it?

Israel’s Sin (Amos 2:6-8)
Although slavery is not a custom in most of our societies today, there are many legal practices that people abuse for self gain. God declared to Israel through Amos that not only was he aware of Israel’s treatment to the poor, vulnerable and less fortunate, but their actions were not going to go unpunished. Keeping in mind, that this is the same Israel that is God’s chosen. This is the same Israel that God took care of during their wilderness experience, which derived out of their own disobedience. God was not subjecting them to such wrath on a first time basis. Disobedience had become an established pattern among Israel and Judah. Even though God had continuously extended his mercy to them, while allowing them to still be beneficiaries of blessings, they chose not to show the same mercy and love to those God placed in their path of stewardship.
Point to Ponder: Do you repetitiously reject God through your actions towards others?

Social injustice has particularly been on the forefront of America’s agenda lately. Whereas all nations, societies and communities have to deal with its own unique issues, Christian believers that are a part of these communities already have a standard declared. The abortion of injustice starts with each individual person. We have evidence in the Bible where one person can change or transform a nation. One example is Daniel. It is important that we as Christians remember that while we are standing our ground on issues that rebel against our faith, we can not waver because it appears that those opposing have the upper hand. We are called to be obedient to God’s Word, which is our superior law. If we choose not to obey, we will be held accountable. Adhere to the warnings of God and avoid the path of his wrath because it is better to be found in the path of his mercy.

Commentary by, Evangelist Shulanda Hastings
Senior Ministry Leader
Spirit Realm Divine Manifestation Ministries

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