Hillary or Huckabee?

Hillary or Huckabee?

You think this is a premature question?

Not to me. In fact, it is one that I have been pondering over for the past few years. I honestly saw it coming. Now I realize that the Democratic and Republican parties have to select the candidate that will collectively represent them, but allow me to explain why I am in the dilemma of asking this pertinent question.

First, may I be absolutely AUTHENTIC with you without a preliminary critique?
Thank you.

I am an African-American, Mississippi Delta born and raised Christian woman.

As early as childhood, I realized I was set a part or not really considered ‘normal’. I believe and know that I am very intelligent being, but let’s just say when other kids were eager to play outside, I was eager to start writing my next short story. While others were anxious to turn 18 in order to exhort their legal right to engage in activities, I was anticipating exercising my voting rights for the very first time. And what is the highest ranking vote you can place in government; the presidential. Which presidential election was I able to first vote in?

Let’s just say, it consisted of a two term election of the Clinton Administration.

Every since, I have been a ‘fan’ of Hillary Clinton. I have admired her strength. I have supported her as an author. I have actively listened to her interviews and analyzed her public responses. I was pro-Hillary during the 2008 Democratic Presidential campaign. When she lost the Democratic nomination to now President Obama, I cheered her from afar and said, “You will win next time Hillary.”

So, it’s a no brainier that I will be supporting Hillary until the end of this election too right? After all, she and my daughter have the same first name.

Back to my authentic honesty, my background, upbringing and stereotype indicates that I am suppose to be true and supportive to my own race no matter what. I am expected to vote Democrat. And when I was that 18 year old girl waiting to vote for the first time, this was also my learned perspective. But life has matured me and I have learned the phrase, “to thy own self be true”.

Something happen in 2012.

Yes, I became a mother for the first time. Perhaps it was this new role to nurture someone that gave me an epiphany of change. In 2012, I was really forced to start examining my personal and spiritual beliefs and use them as the measuring stick for determining causes that matter to me, everyday relationships and the Great Commission.

While flipping through the channels in 2008, I ‘accidentally’ located an interview that Governor Mike Huckabee had on the Tara Banks Show. I knew him by his office, but had never really gained insight about him. After been disappointed in 2012 by America’s state of affairs and world issues, I started listening to the Mike Huckabee radio and television shows, along with a variety of other talk radio shows that expressed different views. Where it pertains to Huckabee, when I ceased waiting for the things that divided us, I found that we had so much in common.

Judge for yourself….

After I listened to him on a regular and consistent basis, I discovered that he was a very rational man. I paid attention to his responses to issues that I am passionate about. I paid attention to his reasoning behind his viewpoints. I paid attention to how he treated those that came on his show both with similar and different views. I paid attention to how he answered his critics. I paid attention to the consistency of his answers on his shows, as well as, in other media outlets. And even though all of these impressed me, what impressed me the most was how I felt his heart for God.

I recall someone asking on another radio talk show that after such an upset, how can the Republican party reach the African American community? I remember answering that to myself, “by producing more Mike Huckabees”.

Today, I am neither Democrat or Republican. I am proud of my ethnic background. Raised in the Deep South, I am not naïve about the intentions of some. I am a woman who things for herself. Above all, I am a Christian and only what we do for Christ will last. In my crazy way of thinking, I believe that God gave everyone the ability to love and not all people are heartless. Last year I attended a community prayer breakfast that focused on unity. As we all sat around our tables full of diversity, God reminded me of something so profound:

The world that we live in is not without sin. Sin keeps us separated from God and causes us to be divided amongst ourselves. But it is our faith; God’s love for us and our love for him that will bring us together in unity.

Hillary or Huckabee?

I no longer vote based upon a particular party. I no longer vote based upon a particular race or loyalty to a certain group or organization. At the end of the day, on the other side of the dash that ends our lives, only what we do for Christ will last. Christian beliefs are being placed on the back-burner and our world is on fire because of it. We must stop trying to be politically correct, compromising our faith and stand strong on our beliefs. I vote for the candidate that votes for Jesus Christ.

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