The Lamb of God


March 1, 2015 Sunday School Commentary

The Lamb of God
Bible Background- John 1:29-34
Highlighted Text- John 1:29-34

Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!. – John 1:29

As we enter into the third week of Lent,  the theme for this month, “God’s Presence”  is quite befitting.  It is in God’s presence that we seek to be in. Christians should desire to be as intimate with our Father as possible. It is this intimacy, presence of God that allows us to receive revelations about ourselves and about our God.  John the Baptist recognized and acknowledged the importance of being in the presence of God and getting to know more about him.  Although he was charged with the assignment to the work of God, he knew he was no substitute.  Therefore, reminded the people of his time about the promised Messiah.

Observations (John 1:29-31)
One day John had been baptizing people at Bethany and  recognized the presence of Jesus. John knew that Jesus was a teacher and served in many other capacities, but for this time and purpose it was relevant that he be recognized as the Lamb of God, the one who could place sins into remission.   Jesus had to be recognized as the promised Messiah, the sacrificial lamb who could forgive and remove sins.  J.W. McGarvey notes the importance of this distinction this way, “Lambs do not teach, and sin is not removed by teaching, but by sacrifice (Hebrews 9:22; Revelation 5:9)”.   Teaching helps disciple us, but we have to make a sacrifice to implement the teaching.  Without Jesus’ sacrifice, his teaching ministry would be irrelevant to us.

Point to Ponder:  Do you recognize the Jesus as the sacrificial Lamb of God everyday and not just the one to meet your everyday prayer requests?

Testimony (John 1:32-34)
John knew that his ministry was necessary and only important because of the ministry of Jesus Christ.  John worked diligently doing his assignment before ever having ‘proof’ that Jesus was real.  To confirm he was in the presence of the Savior, he was given a sign by God  that told him, “The man on whom you see the Spirit come down and remain is he who will baptize with the Holy Spirit”.  John was now a testament of this encounter.  He boldly testified to Israel and continued to glorify God and his son Jesus.

Point to ponder: When is the last time you testified about the Lamb of God?
As we continue throughout this Lent season and this week, let us intentionally seek to be in the presence of God.  Let us work on removing those barriers that keep us from getting into God’s presence and recognizing him.  During our prayer time, let us rest in the comfort of knowing we can cast our cares onto God, but also let us acknowledge who he is to us.  He is not just the one that can supply our daily needs, but even if he chose not to resolve our prayer requests, he has already done beyond measure.  He is the sacrificial lamb.  Because of him, not only is our today handled, but our eternal  debt  has been satisfied.  As we tell others about the new job, car or house that God has given us, let us tell them about the one who has sacrificed for us to have eternal life. Get in the presence of God and testify because it’s manifestation time!

Commentary by, Evangelist Shulanda Hastings
Lesson guide, Christian Standards

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