Sharing Husband On the Holidays

Ladies, one of, if not the most, popular family holidays is less than three days away, so how are you feeling about it right now? Your response is probably contingent upon a couple of things.

#1- Is this your first Thanksgiving holiday with your spouse?

If yes, congratulations! This means you are a newlywed and probably feeling all romantic, still caught up in the honeymoon bliss and keeping a list of the “firsts”. The first holiday you spend with your husband should be special and full of wonderful memories. More than likely, both of you have spent previous Thanksgivings at your parents’ house. You now have to decide what traditions you are going to establish for your own family. Part of you wants to visit your parents or take that trip to Grandma’s house, but what if your husband wants you to spend your first holiday with his parents? Are you willing to share your husband on the holiday?

  #2- Will you be spending Thanksgiving at your in-laws?

Again, I ask you “Are you willing to share your husband on the holidays?” Yes, he is your husband. Yes, you are now his priority. Yes, he still has a family just as you have a family and together you all make one big happy family. Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration and you have just learned to smile when you hear your mother-n-law’s voice. But if you are not spending this holiday with your in-laws, guess what? There will be a holiday in your future that you will end up at the table with people that still don’t think you are good enough for their son or brother. Perhaps one solution is to host Thanksgiving at your house!

#3- Are you planning on hosting Thanksgiving dinner?

Awe…..isn’t that sweet? You are going to take on the wonderful task of planning, cooking and entertaining loved ones so that you can establish your own tradition and memories with your husband and family. You go girl! Now hold up. You are hosting this holiday because you want to share your home with others, share memories with others and even share your husband with others? Or did you think by hosting Thanksgiving dinner this would allow you to have control over where your husband spends his holiday? So have you already prepared for the in-laws that he has already invited? If not, start making the seating arrangement now! But don’t worry; you will be a great hostess.

By now you have detected my sarcasm. No harm intended. Sharing your husband on the holidays can be an adjustment for newlyweds and even seasoned couples. It’s not that you don’t want to enjoy the company of loving family members. But let’s be real. Sometimes what is supposed to be an enjoyable time with family can turn into a day filled with drama. And instead of looking forward to the holidays, you absolutely dread them. Here is something to consider: Many women have to deal with whether or not their husbands will have to work on the holidays and plan to spend it without them or alone. So even if you have to share your husband on a few days out of the year, you can help determine how enjoyable it will be for you in two little words….


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