I’ve Missed You

If this post notification managed to make it to your inbox, you chose to open and read it after sorting and prioritizing your email, then you should know that I am cheering right now!  WHY?

I’m so glad you asked.

Recently, I discovered that many of you have not been receiving my blog posts because I have been publishing them via my weekly newsletter and failed to upload them on my blog.  The wonderful thing about technology is that it only works efficiently if it is properly utilized. So to those of you that have not been receiving my posts, I believe I will make it up to you within the next few lines.


This year has been an exciting one. While it might have appeared that I have been absent in writing, it has been quite the opposite. For those of you that have been following my ministry, you know that I write devotional messages. Well, after nearly a decade of writing, I have published two collections of my “In the Spirit Realm” messages! To all aspiring writers, I must say it is a great accomplishment seeing your work in print. It gives you motivation to continue writing and accomplish other goals. And that is exactly what I did. Compelled by the art of storytelling, this year I published my first novel, Marriage Thorn! It is the first in its series and deals with marital issues, family drama and even church corruption. Yes, I did dare to go there! Although entertaining, its purpose is to also encourage and educate about real issues that happen every day, that are often stigmatized and kept silent. Thanks so much for all of you who have purchased and read my book and have given your positive feedback.

If you haven’t purchased my novel and in search of a good read, I do encourage you to do so. Now is a great time because I am offering a holiday sale that ends November 10th. So, if you are an early bird shopper and searching for a gift, I believe it will be a great addition to someone’s library.

Now, since it’s Friday, I don’t want to write you a full synopsis. But you should know that there are many more exciting updates. What you can expect is more blogging from me that will not only cover great books to read, but also devotional messages, causes that matter to you such as mental health, domestic violence, broken relationships and evangelism, spiritual growth and so much more.

I hope that I am “out of hot water” as we say in the South. One way that I have planned to stay out of the boiling pot is by linking my blog on all of my sites so no one gets left out. Continue to enjoy your Friday and weekend and don’t forget to check out my novel. You can actually download the ebook and get started reading this weekend. Print copies may be purchased via my author’s website at http://www.shulandajhastings.com and for Kindle and Nook visit Amazon or Barnes and Noble online. That’s all for now and remember it’s never too late to manifest your dreams!

Happy Friday,

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