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Happy New Year!

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Shulanda J. Hastings

Ambassador Shulanda

Ambassador Shulanda

Shulanda J. Hastings is an inspirational writer, Christian counselor and an ambassador to the faith-based community; helping them break mental health barriers. She is the author of the Beauty of My Thorns novel series and of the memoirs, Keeping My Faith While Saving My Mind.

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It is 2014…and praise God that we have made it.!

I am so excited about this year and everything that has already transpired.

Question: Are you still stuck in 2013 because you believe you have failed to accomplish a lot things? Well, I invite you to join my teaching series, Work Your F’s!  That’s right, your F’s. The enemy likes to play mind games and make us think we are failures and suppose to be fearful about the things God has promised. God knows how to pull the best from our “F’s”.  Three F’s I will focus on are FAITH, FRUIT AND FREEDOM!

Together we will win this year!

Speaking of winning, have you set your goals for this year? One goal that made last year for 2014 was to publish my first novel. And I am so excited to announce the release of my upcoming novel, “Marriage Thorn: My Husband Is Not My Boaz?” on February 14, 2014. That’s right, on Valentine’s Day. For more information, connect with my Facebook page: Marriage Thorn and you will receive teasers and information about promotion. 

I will be in your inbox soon…so make sure you open because you will never know what’s inside. Remember, God knows your future!

Evangelist SJHastings!

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