Spirit Realm’s 2013 Theme

“So obey the commands of the LORD your God by walking in his ways and fearing him” (Deuteronomy 8:6, NIV).

Spirit Realm’s 2013 Theme:  Our God is a great and awesome God!  He created us in His image and He cares about our needs and takes time to comfort us.  Since God has so much to offer us, why is it that we too often find ourselves lacking in many areas of our lives? As a child, I received many gifts and privledges from my grandfather.  As I matured, I realized there were greater perks when I obeyed and respected him.  Israel was already a prestigious people because they were God’s chosen.  But it was their disobedience and lack of fear, reverance for God that delayed and in some cases blocked their blessings.

This year’s Spirit Realm theme is “Walking in Obedience”.  During my January prayer and fast period, God revealed things to me about myself and the rest of His children.  When you receive reminders through your technological device, it reminds you about something you already knew about. But as time expires and the event is more imminent, the urgency sheds light on the revelation. We are in the season of  imminent blessings. In order for these blesings to be released at their designated times, will cause for complete obedience to God’s voice.  WE are the ONLY thing that will delay, distract or deny our blessings; therefore, let us walk in obedience together!

With Love in the Spirit,


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