Journey to Purpose

“A man’s gift maketh room for him” (Proverbs 18:16, KJV).

Journey to Purpose:

Have you ever come to a point in life where you have accomplished major goals and achieved levels of success only to discover that there remains a deep void in your life?  As children, our parents try to help us learn what our gifts and talents are more so for the purpose of entertainment or hobbies.  We are taught to take the traditional “safe route” in order to be successful.

For the past couple of years and recently, more frequently, the inner voice of destiny that I can recall hearing as early as age five has been resurfacing.  You acquire education and job experience to meet the world’s view of purpose and prosperity and both are very valuable tools in helping us on our life’s journey.  Even if one lacked either of these tools, God has already given each person what he or she needs to accomplish their divine purpose.  

After talking with a circle of friends that have reached successful and professional status in life (attorney, social worker, therapists, etc) I have learned that I wasn’t the only one feeling a sense of unfullfilment, but I was the only one that hadn’t made that major risky step towards permanently doing something about it. The testimonies and confirmation started to be so overwhelming that the only sign left was God’s audible voice!  The first for certain gift that I knew I had was writing. I wrote and assembled my first book when I was in the fifth grade, won poetry and essay contests throughout grade school, won an elite short story contest sponsored by professional actors and writers such as Bill Cosby and Maya Angelou in the eighth grade and during my early college years succeeded in play writing and print journalism.  For over 10 years, my work experience has consisted of technical writing and although I enjoy helping non profit organizations, my creative side became dormant.

With the encouragement of close girlfriends and hearing the success story of a motivational speaker, I was inspired to stir up my writing and other gifts that God has given me.  One beginning step in this major process was to enter an international Christian writing contest. It had been so long since I entered a writing contest and there is so much talent in the world today.  Out of thousnds of entries received, my short story, “A Mother’s Good Friday Blessing” was selected as a winner of the 2012 July Christian Choice Writing contest and among the top 25 winners to be published in Xulon Press’ new upcoming book, Letters to America: A collection of wisdom and encouragment to a nation in need of change!   I am thankful to God for giving me a gift that expires at His time and making room for this opportunity.  I have entered round two of the contest and the next winners will be announced on September 4.  I believe and know God is up to something in the Kingdom, because when He gives gifts, they are meant to be given away to bless others!

Hopefully, you will take this Journey to Purpose with me!

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