Motherhood: God’s Special Gift

Today, Sunday, May 13, 2012 is Mother’s Day. A few months ago I had anticipated this date because unlike previous years of going through the motion and not really being connected to the celebration, I had achieved a major milestone with my on mother.  Being raised by my grandmother, who God has blessed to be alive today, I had never really had any relationship with my mother, certainly not a mother-daughter one.  Years after us both doing some reflective work and deciding to progress, we have gotten to the place where I don’t feel bitter about having to decide whether or not to pick up the phone and say “Happy Mother’s Day” or send a greeting card.  Because I’m a writer and words are very important to me, there was never a card that would adequately describe my feelings.  The wonderful, elaborate and grateful words on your typical Mother’s Day card would be untrue for us. 

On April 6 (Good Friday) of this year, my favorite verse from Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you’, declares the Lord…” had a new perspective for me.  It is amazing how God can allow His written Word to be read for centuries and can be applied in every season and situation in life in a new and encouraging way.  But this particular day, after “Aunt Sally” had decided to be late as usual, the rare times her visitations would be past unusual, to calm my thoughts I would purchase a pregnancy test.  So while home alone during the 5:00 hour I processed the two tests that came inside the box; Double blue!  I had never seen that in my life. Women always wonder how they will feel or react when that day would come, but I immediately fell on my knees in my living room and as I was trying to balance thoughts, feelings and words, God spoke Jeremiah 29:11 to me as clear and familiar, yet as though I was hearing it for the first time.  But the part that stayed with me was “ prosper you and not to harm you”.  Before the enemy’s plan of releasing fear and doubt could manifest, God reaffirmed His Word in my life. In that moment, I didn’t know how the process would go, but I knew that this was God’s plan because life happenings, said that conception would possible never happen.

After learning that God had introduced me to motherhood, I felt a need to be closer to Him via nature.  So I drove downtown and walked by the river.  It was like God orchestrated the birds, water, trees and wind to welcome me into this new season.  My husband was at work and even so, I wanted to share my news with a female who could understand or relate.  I wondered who to call.  If I had made a bet years ago, that my mother would be the first person, I would have lost.  Ironically, she was the first person to come to mind.  I thought it would and should have been my grandmother or aunt so I couldn’t seem to press the button to call her on my cell. But once again, God intervened and my mother called me out of the blue to ask a question. So after I shared the news with her, she was excited and also reminded me of my car accident I had years ago while a Sophomore in college. The accident was almost fatal for me and she told me how she and my dad had spoken with my doctor and asked if I would ever be able to have children.  Although the doctor tried to encourage my family, my mom said since it hadn’t happened all this time, they had all thought I was more in the “slim to none” category.  But God brought so many other testimonies in the following weeks to me (that I will have to blog about later) and they all just shed more light on “For I know the plans I have for you..”  God planned along time ago that He would have an appointed time for my mother and I to start having a healthy relationship.  He had an appointed time for me to be a mother.  Today, Motherhood: God’s Special Gift will be one that I will always be grateful for. Now, I am about to call my mom and I know the words to say and they will be sincere, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!


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