The Trust Factor

2011 Theme:  “MAKING GOD GREATER!”


“Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water  and came toward Jesus.  But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!” Matthew 14: 29-30, NIV

The Trust Factor:  The lifted verse is from one of Jesus many and prominent miracle events during his ministry on earth. Jesus walking on water might not seem much of a miracle to us modern day believers since we have so many reports and testimonies between this incident and today. But regardless of the time period, you still have to admit that it was a miracle for Peter to have walked on water. It initially appeared that Peter had great faith and trust in Jesus; even though, Jesus had to prove to the disciples that it was him because they didn’t recognize his voice (v.28).  But when Peter took his focus off of Jesus and paid more attention to his situation, the Bible says he began to sink.  Like Peter, we are often empowered by a Sunday morning’s sermon, a week night Bible study session or a seasonal revival and feel as though we are superman/woman charged up by our faith and trust in GOD. We are ready to go into our work places and communities and declare how we are more than conquerors. We are then geared up to speak to every situation and to cast down every demonic spirit. But when we are forced to face our storms and activate our faith to align with GOD’s Word, we quickly gain spiritual amnesia, forgetting all the miracles and kept promises that our LORD has made in our own lives. Why is trust such a common factor for Christians?  If I were to probe a question, do Christians have more trust in man-made things or our faith, what do you think the real answer would be?

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight” (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Spiritual Manifestation:   Imagine that we have started a typical day, encountering the same basic events. We turn off the alarm and a repressed thought really believes it woke us up. We drive a car or commute, trusting that the vehicle will not malfunction. We travel the highways, trusting most people are going to stay in their lanes  and stop at the red light. We trust that traffic lights are going to work so that no one will intersect with the other. We trust that the bridge or over path is going to remain secure and not demolish as soon as we drive on it. We drive through fast food restaurants and trust that the cooks have followed the health codes.  We use our debit cards with confidence that the money is in the bank. We devote ourselves to jobs that can demote us at any time.  We expect that our spouses are waiting for us or will arrive home at the appointed time because we trust the vows they made. We arrive home and we believe that everything will be in place because we feel secured by an alarm system. We go to bed and rest all night because we trust that the roof is not going to cave in on us.

Now that you have the picture, why is it that mostly all of us experience this typical day every day and trust in all of these things and situations and every last one of them has failed numerously.  The Word instructs us to trust the LORD with all of our heart, but when we are faced with seasonal trials and afflictions, we fail to put half of the trust in GOD that we do with every day man-made situations. Why are we like Peter when it comes to trusting GOD?  Jesus was not a stranger to Peter, yet Peter needed proof and confirmation.  Could it be that the reason why Christians trust man-made things more than our Father is because Jesus has become a stranger?  Do you recognize His voice in your life storms?  This week make an effort to trust GOD even in the small things by declaring the Word made for your situation.  If you need to ‘test’ Him in the small things in order to trust greater in the big things, than do it. Build up your faith so that your trust will not become a seed of doubt. Hear Jesus saying, “oh you of great faith!”  Make GOD GREATER!

With Love in the Spirit,

Evangelist SJ Hastings

Spirit Realm Divine Manifesto

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